What Is The Difference Between A Hair Oil and Hair Serum?

What Is The Difference Between A Hair Oil and Hair Serum?

There are several hair products available in the market today and one should be more cautious in choosing what product to purchase as each kind may be intended for different use. Choosing a product that would fit your hair needs can be a challenge especially if you are not familiar with its purpose or use.

Hair products vary in its purpose – some were made to protect your hair from heat, some were made to add more volume to your hair, some were made to improve your hair’s lustre or to make it shinier or some were made to make hair styles last longer. It’s really up to your preference as to what kind of hair product you need.

A hair oil and hair serum is one of the most interchangeable products that people mistakenly use but do they truly serve the same purpose? No, these products don’t serve the same purpose which is why one needs to be familiar with how each of them can be used in order to satisfy one’s expectations. Let’s discuss how these two differ in use.



What are a Hair Oil and Hair Serum for?


Hair Oil is used to provide your hair nourishment and conditioning treatment in order to improve the condition of your hair. It is typically derived from ingredients that are best in penetrating into your hair’s strands to lubricate as well as nourish it with fatty acids as a replacement for your hair’s lipids.

It is suitable for hair types that are prone to breakage, dullness and split ends. So, if you wish your hair to become healthier choose hair oils rather than serums.

Some of the best Hair Oils available are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Moroccan Oil. Here are some products that you may want to consider in your next purchase:


Purely Black – Argan Oil 100% Pure Liquid Gold 100ml

Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil 85ml

Image of Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil 85ml by Love Thyself Australia

Vegan Organics – Organic Hair Oil 50ml

Image of Vegan Organics – Organic Hair Oil 50ml by Love Thyself Australia

Acure – Moroccan Argan Oil 30ml

Image of Acure - Moroccan Argan Oil 30ml by Love Thyself Australia


Hair Serum, on the other hand, is used for styling hair. It gives your hair lustre and makes it appear shinier than usual. It also helps during humidity and keeps your hair smooth which makes it suitable for those who want a solution to unwanted and out of control fizziness.

Hair serums are also designed to coat only the outer surface of your hair and shouldn’t be applied on your scalp. It also gives your hair protection from environmental factors that could cause damage. They’re typically applied before styling your hair and onto damp hair for at least one to two drops.

If you’re looking for hair serums, here are some hair products that you may want to purchase next:


 Giovanni – Frizz Be Gone 81ml


Giovanni – Blackberry Hair Serum 81ml


Now that you know the difference between hair oils and hair serums, it’s easier to successfully find the right product that will help you achieve healthy or lustrous hair.


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