Simple & Effective Tips to Make Your Hair Great
Hair Care

Our hair is so important and yet it’s one of the things that we often neglect especially when we’re busy with our daily hustles in life.

What do you often think about when it comes to beautiful hair? Of course, we can’t help but picture our favourite Walt Disney Princesses with their fabulous and eye-catching hairstyles, right?

Indeed it’s quite normal to remember those characters despite them being fictional. In reality, however, it takes more than just figuring out what great hairstyle suits your face shape or mood.

Making sure that your hair is healthy, soft and lustrous will require a great deal of regular hair care routine. Yes, ladies, it’s no miracle to sport beautiful hair unless we make an effort to show some TLC to maintain it’s health and beauty.

Let us show you some really effective tips to transform your hair from dull to lustre over time.


Keep your hair protected.

Too much sun exposure can damage your hair eventually. It is understandable to enjoy a memorable weekend with your loved ones at the beach, however, make sure to remind yourself not to stay too long under the sun without protecting your hair with a hat or an umbrella.

Exposure to the sun’s damaging rays can often lead to dandruff, dry hair and scalp, infections, dirt buildup, lacklustre hair and so forth.


Be careful when dealing with wet hair.

If you have to detangle your hair after a shower, use a wide-tooth comb and gently comb your hair to avoid breakage. When hair is wet, it is more susceptible to damage especially when shampooing and combing. It’s also recommended not to immediately comb your hair after showering or taking a bath to avoid unnecessary breakage and damage.


Choose a natural and organic conditioner and condition your hair regularly.

It’s easy to grab any conditioning product from the shelves without much ado about the ingredients they contain. But this complacency must be avoided if you want to especially maintain healthy, thick and vibrant hair. Choosing a conditioner or shampoo for that matter that is non-toxic, safe and contains natural and organic ingredients ensures the health and beauty of your hair over time.

While conditioning your hair, it is essential to apply it correctly. A common misconception is to apply the conditioner on the scalp but this shouldn’t be the case. It is recommended to focus conditioning on the hair shaft or an inch from the scalp to lock in moisture along the strands and reduce dryness. Do this regularly and you’ll notice a remarkable difference in your hair.


Avoid heating tools and really tight hairstyles.

Your hair is better off without the use of heating tools. Although, your hair may look fabulous when styled using such tools doing this over time will without a doubt damage your beautiful locks. The same goes for using really tight hair ties or hairstyles that leaves your hair pulled back too tight which causes breakage. If you need to tie your hair, go for scrunchies with cloth instead of rubber material.

Before going to sleep, leave your hair untied and opt for pillowcases made of silky material to avoid tangles when you wake up.


Dry your hair gently.

Be gentle when drying your hair and instead of rubbing your towel against it, pat them dry instead. This process will take time to dry but rubbing also causes unwanted breakage and hair fall and we definitely want to avoid that.


Wash your hair with room temperature to cool water.

Hot water isn’t good for washing your hair just as it heating tools aren’t. It’s recommended to wash your hair with room temperature to cool water instead.


Choose a gentle shampoo and avoid shampooing every day.

Shampooing your hair every day causes dryness of the scalp which strips the natural oils that is essential for healthy hair. It is best to shampoo at least twice or thrice a week and opt for a shampoo that is gentle.


Regularly brush to promote healthy hair.

While your hair is dry, regular brushing helps reduce the build up of impurities, spread natural oils to ensure moisture, stimulate hair follicles for hair growth and promote blood circulation. Opt for a brush of great quality, effectively detangles hair and promoting shine.


Exercise and stay active as well as eat healthy food.

Eating healthy meals and regular exercise promotes healthy hair, hair growth as well as youthful skin. Try to pack your meals with essential nutrients including vitamins, proteins, iron and more.


These tips are all a must if you want to maintain healthy and gorgeous hair. People often think that they need to purchase a bunch of products to make their hair look great but this isn’t true. It is through regular tender loving hair care habits that ensure the health and beauty of your hair. So, simply follow these tips and before long you’ll notice that you’ve successfully transformed your hair from dull to fabulous!



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