Is Veganism Bad For Your Hair?
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Throughout the year’s many people are turning to Veganism to maintain a healthy diet. However, it has come to light that some vegans are seriously having issues in keeping their hair healthy. So, how does veganism affect your hair in a bad way?

Are Vegans prone to bad hair quality?


If you’re following the Vegan diet it’s easy to forget that not enough protein in your diet can affect your hair. It is due to this that some vegans are somehow affected the hair quality and tenacity of some Vegans which results in slow hair growth, brittle hair and increase in hair loss.

For some Vegans, it has become a challenge to keep a high protein diet due to the lack of dairy and animal products into their diet. This results in hair that has decreased firmness and strength. Our hair is composed of a series of proteins so this can consequentially weaken and affect hair.


What Other Alternatives Can Improve Your Hair Quality if You Are Vegan?


Are there other alternatives to improving your hair quality if you’re vegan? The good news is there are some ways that you can do in order to help improve your hair tenacity.

Since incorporating veganism into your diet makes you eliminate dairy as well as meat that is rich in protein, it is essential to eat your share of vegetables that contain a higher amount of protein including beans, nuts, grains, seeds and etc.

Taking supplements that provide you with an ample amount of protein daily can also be a good alternative to resolve this deficit. It is also highly recommended to speak to a nutritionist regarding your concerns and to seek advice on a vegan-friendly yet protein-rich diet.


Hair Care Tips If Your Hair is Weak


One of the most necessary things to do if your hair is weak is to give it enough protection from further damage. Weak hair can easily split and snap if we forgo the protection it deserves in order to maintain its tenacity.

Here are some hair care products that you can use that are Vegan-friendly and provide daily hair protection:


Giovanni Keratin Leave-in Elixir 118ml

Make your hair achieve a movie-star look! Its formulation helps keep your hair soft and smooth as well as bouncy and protects your hair from split ends.


Giovanni – Tea Tree Shampoo 250ml

This shampoo contains only 100% organic ingredients and also Vegan friendly that is suitable for all hair types. Keep your hair clean and healthy with its soothing formulation. It also helps prevent dandruff and improves your hair’s strength.


Andalou Naturals – Natural Glow 3 in 1 Treatment 56ml

A 3 in 1 treatment formulation that you can use to maintain a healthy face, hair and nails with natural antioxidants to help with skin renewal and decrease cell damage.


What to do to avoid hair damage if you want to colour your hair?


Replace the conventional hair colour with a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly hair colour formulation that promotes beautiful locks instead of hair damage. Try the Naturigin Permanent Hair Colour which contains only organic ingredients that will help you maintain healthy and strong hair. It features a wide array of vibrant colours to choose from.


Check out some of the colours below:


Naturigin – Natural Permanent Hair Colour Extreme Blonde 11.0

Naturigin – Natural Permanent Hair Colour Light Ash Blonde 8.1

Naturigin – Natural Permanent Hair Colour Copper Brown 4.6

Naturigin – Natural Permanent Hair Colour Natural Medium Blonde 7.0

Naturigin – Natural Permanent Hair Colour Dark Coffee Brown 3.0


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