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At some point in our life, we experience our scalp becoming dry and flaky which can be an annoying condition as it often leads to persistent itchiness in the scalp, lacklustre hair and dandruff.

If you’re wondering why this tends to happen, there are many factors that affect our hair and scalp. A common factor is our age. When we’re older our hair doesn’t grow as fast and if it does, it’s usually thin and weak compared to your hair when you were younger.

Furthermore, our cells don’t function optimally which results in lacklustre and dry hair. Texture and hair colour also changes. Hair can be less vibrant and smooth and the colour changes to gray as we age.

However, there are natural ways that we can implement in our hair care routine in order to improve the condition of our scalp and hair. These natural remedies have been proven to work so long as they are done consistently.

Natural Remedies to Treat Dry and Flaky Scalp and Dull Hair



Massage your scalp regularly.


Massaging the scalp is often overlooked and we tend to forget that this is one of the best treatments to dry and flaky scalp. Scalp massages on a regular day to day basis can help stimulate the scalp to produce natural oils and encourage blood circulation to promote hair growth and healthy hair.

You can use natural oils such as coconut oil, tea tree oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and many more while massaging the scalp. This can be soothing and therapeutic. There are natural hair oils that contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal or anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe an itchy and dry scalp.

Combing your hair while it is dry with a scalp massage brush is another way to treat a dry scalp. These brushes are great tools to keep your locks smooth whilst giving your scalp a good massage in the convenience of your home.


Choose hair care products that contain healthy ingredients.


Using natural and organic hair care products can do wonders on your hair and scalp. However, you need to lessen the times you make use of products like shampoo because frequent shampooing can damage your hair and scalp.

Some products that contain mostly synthetic or chemical ingredients can be too harsh which leads to further hair and scalp damage. You may want to stick to products that are derived from plant-based extracts to ensure healthy scalp and hair. Also, choose nourishing and hydrating hair care products that specialise in keeping your hair and scalp nourished.

It’s also best to minimise the use of heating tools while you’re at it or styling products which are contributors to damaged hair and dry scalp. Falling hair also happens often while using heating products and chemically-laden hair products.


Stick to a healthy diet.


A healthy diet tantamount to healthy hair, scalp and skin, similar to how your skin is nourished well with healthy foods and proper diet, your hair and scalp also receive proper nutrients and therefore, keeps them moisturised and hydrated.

Some of the key nutrients that our hair and scalp needs include – Vitamin A, Omega 3 fatty acids and Zinc which are essential for steering far from the flaky and dry scalp, dandruff and unhealthy hair, as well as, stimulating the production of natural oils and promoting hair growth.


Keep yourself hydrated.


Keep your system hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Most people would recommend 8 to 10 glasses but if you can drink more then go ahead. Keeping your system hydrated offers a lot of benefits to the overall condition of your skin. Similar to having a glowing complexion while your skin is well hydrated; your scalp is less likely to go dry and flaky.

Factors from the environment where your scalp is exposed to daily can affect the condition of your hair and scalp too. The sun’s rays can be a factor as well, especially when your hair and scalp are often exposed to its heat. Since your hair and scalp requires hydration, which is the same as what your skin needs, being outdoors too much can affect their condition.

That’s why drinking lots of water will make a significant difference especially when you do this regularly. We all know how it’s important to care for our skin, so, your hair and scalp is no different. Keep them hydrated and you’ll never have to worry about dry scalp or lacklustre hair.

Some conditions that are more serious than a dehydrated scalp and hair may not be resolved simply by these natural remedies which is why it’s best to consult your physician or dermatologist whenever the need arises.

Nevertheless, it’s best to try these natural remedies at home especially when you haven’t done so. A proper hair care routine is essential for healthy and smooth hair and scalp.


Here are some natural hair care products that you can incorporate in your daily hair care routine.


Purely Black – Argan Oil 100% Pure Liquid Gold 100ml


Vegan Organics – Organic Hair Oil 50ml

Image of Vegan Organics – Organic Hair Oil 50ml by Love Thyself Australia

Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil 85ml

Image of Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil 30ml by Love Thyself Australia

ECOCOCO – Hair Treatment 250ml

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Acure – Moroccan Argan Oil 30ml

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  1. Jasmine Owen 2 years ago

    I use a little amount into the ends of my hair when it’s damp just to stop the frizz. It conditions my hair very well and would highly recommend this product.

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