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If you’ve always longed for those thick and lustrous locks of hair but haven’t got great results from hair care products you’ve bought from supermarkets or speciality stores, there’s still hope.

With a little bit of care and effort, you too can have soft, silky hair that turns heads wherever you go. Best of all, you can finally get rid of chemical laden hair care products which do more harm than good for your overall health.

Here are a few hair care secrets to help you look your best.

1. Shampoo Less Often
Although shampoo cleans dirt and grime from your hair, it also strips away sebum, which can cause the hair to dry out and leave it prone to damage.

Some of the natural oils in your hair act as a moisturiser and a protective layer. If your hair isn’t excessively oily, oiling it twice or at most thrice a week is sufficient to keep it clean and healthy.

2. Make the Switch to Organic Shampoo
Most commercially produced shampoos have sulphates, chemicals which strip valuable natural oils from your hair. They also contain toxic chemicals which can lead to health complications in the long run.

Organic shampoos containing essential oils and are a chemical-free alternative to most brands available in supermarkets. The next time you shop, look for a sulphate free shampoo packed with natural ingredients which nourish your hair while providing a thorough cleanse.

3. Rinse Hair With Cold Water
Once you’ve had your shower and are preparing to step out, rinse your hair with cold water. This flattens the outer layer which gives hair an extra level of smoothness.

A cold water rinse reduces moisture loss and prevents breakage. Besides, it’s a great way to boost blood circulation and gives your mood an instant lift to start the day.

4. Rinse With Apple Cider Vinegar
After shampooing, rinse your hair with a little apple cider vinegar and water. Vinegar acts to untangle your hair and make it stronger so it does not break easily.

To prepare the solution, mix equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar and pour on your hair after you’ve finished shampooing. Wait for a few minutes and then turn on the shower to rinse off.

5. Trim Hair Regularly
Putting off the visit to your salon could be one of the reasons for split ends or breakage. When the ends of your hair split, they travel the length of the strand which makes hair weak and frizzy. Make sure you trim hair just a few centimetres every few weeks to get rid of any split ends.

6. Minimise Use of Blow-dryers
Heat from blow-dryers, curling tongs and straightening irons is bad for hair and is a leading cause of hair damage. Allowing your hair to dry naturally is a hair care secret which will go a long way in helping you achieve smooth and lustrous locks of hair.

7. Use Natural Hair Colours
Hair dyes, like shampoos contain chemicals which can cause splits, breaks and long term damage. Look for natural hair dyes and make sure these are ammonia-free.
You can also try using henna or other natural alternatives to colour your hair.

8. Regular Oiling
Natural oils keep your hair nourished, help in preventing breakage and also promote faster growth. Oiling is a hair care secret of beautiful oriental women, who have been practising the habit for centuries. It also reduces dandruff, keeps the hair moisturised and looking shiny.

There are several organic options available such as Argan and coconut oil which are helpful. Organic Raw Argan Oil for instance, is rich in Vitamin E and is easily absorbed by the skin giving hair a healthy glow when used regularly. The quality of hair is also improved as impurities are removed, hair follicles are unblocked and the scalp is stimulated.

Applying oil once or twice a week is sufficient and it’s important to leave it on overnight for achieving best results.

9. Potato Juice Rinse
Potato juice is rich in nutrients. Use the juice of a potato to massage your hair and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then you can rinse it off. Another age old hair care secret, a regular regimen will give your hair a lustrous appearance.

As an alternative to potato, you can also use onion juice. Onions are rich in sulphur which helps to boost collagen.

10. Use Aloe Vera to Nourish Hair
Aloe Vera is another ancient hair care secret which benefits the hair and also the entire body. Aloe Vera has been known to stop hair loss, prevent dandruff and add shine to your hair.

Mix fresh aloe vera gel with lemon juice and apply it to your hair. Allow it to stand for about 20 minutes before washing off. Repeat the process once a week for a few weeks for amazing results.

11. Massage Your Scalp
While oiling your hair, treat your scalp to a massage which will help stimulate hair follicles and increase blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth. An added benefit of a massage is that it reduces stress and improves your mental clarity.

Use gentle but firm pressure on your scalp while massaging. Avoid scratching the scalp as it can disrupt your hair follicles and cause infection because of bacterial infection from fingernails.

12. Gentle Brushing
Gentle brushing of your hair helps in spreading the natural oils and preventing breakage, as long as you use the right type of hair brush. If your hair is wet, make sure you untangle any knots before brushing.

Avoid vigorous brushing of hair as it can cause hair strands to break. A wide bristled bamboo brush is an excellent choice as it does not break easily and is free from static. It’s also made from environmentally friendly and sustainable material.

13. Eat Wisely
A healthy diet is important to keep your body healthy and your hair looking great. Nutritional deficiencies are known to cause hair loss and a balanced diet is important if you want naturally thick and beautiful locks.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should form an essential part of your diet. Foods which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids help to give your locks a luscious look. These foods are found in leafy green vegetables, oily fish, walnuts, flax seeds, and hemp seeds.

Vitamin B5 contributes to blood flow and hair growth. It also helps in preventing hair loss and thinning. Mushrooms, avocados, eggs, fish, sweet potato and sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin B5.

Finally, make sure your diet contains proteins from eggs, beans, lean meats, whole grains, nuts, seeds and lentils.

14. Avoid Stress
High levels of emotional stress can lead to physiological changes in the body. Dramatic weight loss, hormonal imbalances and poor sleep can all lead to skin and hair damage.

Managing stress through meditation, exercise, massage, breathing and other techniques plays an important part in keeping your hair in good shape.

15. Get Sufficient Sleep
Tossing and turning in your sleep puts an undue strain on hair. Try and change your sleeping habits so you are relaxed and get a full night’s rest. Turn off the television set, mobile phones and other electronic devices an hour or so before going to bed.

Use a soft pillow which permits your hair to move easily so it doesn’t get damaged when you turn. Avoid washing your hair before going to bed as damp hair is more prone to damage. Also avoid tying your hair up when you sleep.

Rub a few drops of organic oil on your hair to act as a protective barrier and also nourish the hair while you sleep.

16. Sun Protection
The scorching sun causes hair strands to dry out and easily break. If you can’t avoid stepping out in harsh sunlight, make sure you cover your hair with a hat or scarf to protect it from harmful UV rays.

Before you begin any hair care treatment, you should be aware that certain medications such as those taken for thyroid problems can lead to a degree of hair loss. If you’re losing too much hair, it could also be due to a scalp infection in which case it’s best to identify the underlying cause and address it.

When you first begin using these hair care secrets, you need to be patient because hair grows only at about 1.30 cms every month and it will take time before you see results. So keep patient and follow these tips patiently. You will be rewarded with naturally thick and beautiful locks of hair you’ve always wanted.


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