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Who feels that it’s impossible to achieve great hair? Well, if you feel like jumping on the bandwagon of consistently having bad hair days, don’t lose hope just yet, is all we’d like to prod.

Mind you, most women struggle with the same problem with their hair, especially after the dreadful feeling of reaching your 30s. It is typically during this period that women tend to notice the difference in their hair condition. If you juxtapose your hair when you were in your 20s and your hair when you were in your 30s, you’ll feel that it easily becomes dull and lacks moisture in your 30s.

This is perhaps due to the many unhealthy habits, heating tools, and chemicals that you were too blasé to notice at the time that contributed to the dullness of your hair. Now you reminisce those days when your hair deserved its crowning glory. Totally natural, smooth and shiny without the need for chemicals to straighten or curl those beautiful locks.

Though it may be deeply impossible to turn back time, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in good habits that would help transform your hair from dull to fabulous. We’re happy to give you a rundown of some of the good habits that, if done consistently, will help achieve great, beautiful hair the natural way.


Whenever possible, steer clear from heat styling


Believe us when we say that heat styling can turn into a villain in the end, like a best friend who betrays you after a while. Your hair looks beautiful whenever you use it – blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, hot rollers but time will come when all these will ruin your hair, eventually, especially when you forget to apply heat protection before styling. But if you really need to style your hair, experts suggest in using stem rollers which are typically gentler on the hair.


Consider using silk sheets and pillowcases


Using cotton sheets and pillowcases rough up the hair’s cuticle unlike silk, which will cause less frizziness when you wake up in the morning. Now, who doesn’t want that?


Keep your hair clean


It’s really not recommended neglect washing your hair, especially when you live in the city where pollutants and humidity are prevalent. Some women have it wrong when they try to avoid washing their hair every day thinking this would cause more dryness and dullness to the hair and scalp. It’s also essential to use good products with quality, plant-based or natural ingredients that help provide moisture as well as cleanse the hair and scalp thoroughly without stripping its natural oils.


Stick with a good brand of hair care products


Although, experimenting with hair care products may have its benefits but if you’ve already found the right products that work well, nourishing and conditioning your hair and scalp effectively, stick to that brand and those products. Sometimes experimenting too much on other hair care products would eventually lead to damage that you didn’t anticipate.


Eat healthy foods and avoid bad habits


The effort would be impossible and futile if you remain uncaring about what you feed your body. The food you eat is definitely a serious matter as it affects the condition of your hair. You should try to eat foods that help promote the growth of hair follicles which are typically abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, protein, and zinc. And while you’re at it, take vitamins to boost the nutrients that your hair, as well as nails, will benefit. Avoid bad habits like smoking which accelerates hair loss, as well as, drinking too much alcohol which could contribute to low protein deficiency.


Get your hair trimmed regularly


One common mistake is not getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis. Even though you wish to have longer hair, trimming your hair is essential to its health and growth. If you don’t trim your hair, it’s more prone to split ends which will eventually lead to breakage. A regular trim can reduce split ends and firms your hair strands as it lengthens.


Avoid sun exposure as much as you can


Too much sun exposure doesn’t only damage your skin, it can damage your hair and scalp as well. To reduce the risk of sun damaged-hair, use a heat protectant that contains SPF before you leave your home. Apply it on damp hair for better results. This also protects your hair from saltwater and hot winds. Using leave-in conditioner twice or thrice a week also helps add more moisture and protection from the sun’s harmful heat.


Wash your hair with cool water


It’s highly recommended to wash your hair with cool water. This helps lock in the much-needed nutrients and keeps your hair smooth and beautiful. On the other hand, washing your hair with hot water leaves it dull and lifeless.


See, it’s no secret to achieve beautiful and fabulous hair. Follow these simple steps consistently and see the difference they do to the overall health of your hair in no time. And since we always encourage our readers to use quality hair care products that bring out their innate beauty, here are some highly recommended natural and organic products if you’re looking for brands that you can include in your regular hair care routine.


Acure Straighten Shampoo Coconut 235ml

Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner 250ml

Dr Bronners Organic Hair Creme Lavender Coconut 177ml

Dr Bronners – Organic Hair Creme Lavender Coconut 177ml image by Love Thyself Australia

Giovanni Blackberry Hair Serum 81ml



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