Easy Tips for Getting Rid of Dandruff During Winter
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Have you ever avoided wearing black because of your problem with dandruff? Dandruff is one of the few issues we have that is quite common and at times can be a challenge to overcome. In order to get rid of dandruff, it would be helpful to understand why it appears on our scalp in the first place. 


Why do you have dandruff?


Dandruff appears every now and then which isn’t something you should be overly concerned about since it’s not serious nor contagious. However, when the flakes are too obvious on your hair strands it can be downright embarrassing, believe me. 


It is actually quite common since it is considered a chronic scalp condition or a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis which is characterized by white itchy and flaky patches and redness on your scalp. Dandruff is prevalent especially during winter because the indoor heating contributes to dryness on your scalp. 


Some of the common causes of dandruff are: 


Not shampooing frequently is one of the common reasons why dandruff occurs. Your scalp produces a lot of oil which is why frequent shampooing is necessary. Some people may not be happy with this because of the notion that  shampooing too much may cause dryness on the scalp. This notion isn’t accurate because with the right hair care products packed with natural and organic ingredients, you should be able to shampoo your scalp frequently without issues. 


Choosing the right shampoo matters just like other hair care products you use. If you choose hair care products that contain a lot of chemicals that could potentially harm your crowning glory, then issues like hair loss, allergies, dandruff and worse, health issues may arise. 


Some people are also sensitive to the ingredients in some products which cause redness and scaly scalp. That’s why it’s a great habit to check the ingredients before you use it. Remember, sensitivity may not happen after the first time you’ve used a shampoo or conditioner but since you use it frequently, this could trigger the sensitivity. 


In some cases, a yeast-like fungus called Malassezia is common on adult scalps. This fungus causes more skin cells and causes the scalp to become itchy. 


Tips to finally get rid of the flaky dandruff from your scalp:


Shampoo and wash your hair more. A scalp that produces too much oil may cause dandruff because this builds up on your scalp along with dead skin cells, so shampooing as often as necessary will help get rid of dandruff and flaky patches. 


Drink lots and lots of water. Drinking a lot of water also keeps your scalp and skin hydrated. It’s a great idea to bring a handy water bottle that you can easily keep inside your bag and can refill once it’s empty. Sometimes, we get too busy that we forget how important it is to fuel our body with water. 


Maintain a healthy, nutrition-filled diet. Incorporate more vegetables and fibre into your diet and avoid too much sugar and carbs. Having high-carb and sugar-filled food oftentimes cause glycogen buildup on the scalp which the yeast consumes on. 


Exfoliate your scalp every now and then. Exfoliation is also necessary on the scalp just as it is important on your skin. Exfoliating products are specially formulated to remove dead skin cells and dry skin that have accumulated on the scalp. 


Pay attention to your scalp. When your shampooing, make sure to focus on your scalp. Special shampoos and conditioners that target dandruff may dry out your hair, so apply it only on your scalp for the recommended time it needs for the active ingredients to do its duty. 


Try using Hot Oil Treatment Masks. Using oil-based treatment products may neutralise the scalps excessive oil production. Use natural ingredients, like Coconut Oil, make sure it is warm enough so the oil penetrates the scalp drawing existing oils and removing them after washing. 


Here are Hair Care Products that will help keep your scalp and hair healthy and dandruff-free:








Dr Bronners – Liquid Castile Soap Peppermint 946ml image by Love Thyself Australia







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