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One of the most troublesome issues for women is dry hair, that’s why most women would resort to hair treatments and even the use of heating in order for it to look smooth and healthy. But we all know that this doesn’t really solve our hair problems. Blow drying your hair or getting your hair rebounded often will only worsen its condition in the long run. Don’t you agree?


Another challenge in having beautiful hair is the vast number of products available in the market. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s awesome to have many hair products to choose from but it can be confusing and tiresome as many brands have similar claims. The question is whether their claims are true or not.


Most of the time the only way for us to find out whether a product works is by testing it ourselves. This isn’t really the most practical way which is why we can also rely on several reviews by those who have tried the products themselves. We have to keep in mind though that products alone can’t solve our dry hair problem.


Proper application and a good hair routine are essential in solving our dry hair problems. Here are some tips on how to deal with dry hair problems.



Ways on How to Deal With Dry Hair


Use oils before washing your hair.


It’s important to keep your hair from being super dry. You can use argan oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil or macadamia oil before washing yours with water. It’s also best to massage the oil on your scalp as well as your hair’s root to tips and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour. You can also apply the oil before you sleep at night so it’ll be fully absorbed by morning.



Reduce the number of times you wash your hair.


When I was younger I used to think that washing my hair was good but it really isn’t. It’s even best to use a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair often so you don’t strip off its natural oil. Do you ever wonder why your hair seems drier after a shower? That’s probably due to the washing.



Don’t use shampoo too often.


I’m not saying don’t use a shampoo at all but if you need to, use an extra nourishing or moisturising shampoo. Use it less as well, like once or twice a week to keep your hair and scalp from being too dry. Choose shampoos that you’re not allergic to. Some people are sensitive to shampoo with sulphates and if your one of them, best to check the ingredients that work well for you.

I find those with natural and organic ingredients work well on my hair. They’re also safe and healthy for your scalp and hair overall so best to try them if you haven’t done so. Sometimes it’s also the ingredients in products that are synthetic and harmful to your scalp that dries up your hair.




Try mixing baking soda with your shampoo.


This is a cheaper and better alternative than using cleansing shampoos when you need to eliminate hair build up or products. Baking soda mixed with your moisturising shampoo will give it the boost it needs to fully cleanse your hair.



A hair mask and conditioner is essential after every wash.


After washing your hair, use a hair mask or conditioner to keep it nourished and moisturised. It’s also best to invest in a good professional hair mask or conditioner as this will help make a substantial difference in your hair’s condition.




Apply conditioner or hair mask on slightly damp hair and leave it longer than it says on the label.


It is important to apply your hair mask and other hair care products on damp hair and let it stay longer so it is fully absorbed. If you apply it when your hair is soaking wet and leave it only a minute you really cannot expect that your hair can absorb the proper moisture.



Avoid using a hairdryer.


Using a hair drier often can damage your hair in the long run. If you really need to use a hair drier or other heating tools, make sure to use a heat protection. There are hair care products that work as a leave-in conditioner as well as heat protection so best to find a product that works well for you. I find it best to dry my hair naturally; just don’t rub your towel to dry it as this too causes your hair to dry up.




Use a hair serum or hair detangling product.


This is important especially when you have curly or wavy hair. There’s a tendency that your hair can easily get tangled up and if you don’t use a serum that helps detangle those strands then it is likely that your hair can get easily damaged.

Now that you are aware of these practical tips on how to deal with dry hair, try these steps at home. It’s best to incorporate these steps into your hair care routine on a regular basis and see how it makes a positive impact on your hair’s condition.



We can’t stress enough how essential it is too to find products that contain natural ingredients that are safe to use long term. So, here are some great hair care products that you may want to try on your next purchase.


Black Chicken Remedies – Dry Shampoo 40g

Acure – Leave In Conditioner 88ml

Purely Black – Argan Oil 100% Pure Liquid Gold 100ml

Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil 30ml

Image of Jojoba Company – Jojoba Oil 85ml by Love Thyself Australia

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  1. Tayla Gocher 9 months ago

    I cannot state how much your products has changed the way I take care of my skin, I have battled from dry and damaged hair and this is a complete game changer!

  2. Jorja Crummer 9 months ago

    I cannot state how much your products has changed the way I take care of my skin, I have battled from dry and damaged hair and this is a complete game changer.

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