5 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy & Happy Naturally
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Choosing natural hair care can do good things not only for your hair and overall health but also the environment. Natural hair care, beauty products and other merchandise, especially those that are certified organic or those that only contain natural plant-based ingredients, are worth it despite their higher cost compared to conventional products. The reason for this is that you are exposing yourself to good and safe ingredients and not damaging chemicals that are usually in cheaper conventional products.

Since conventional products are laden with damaging chemicals, these inevitably travel down our drains which have negative effects towards the environment. Our health may also be at stake especially if you keep exposing yourself to chemicals for years.


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Why does my hair feel too dry after using an all-natural hair product?


You may not know this but after using a hair care product that contains only natural ingredients, it’s normal for your hair to feel dry and a bit weird. This is typical, I mean, this about it, if you’ve been using hair care products that contain chemicals for years, then your hair will likely undergo detox to remove the effects brought about by the chemicals to which your hair was exposed to for years. Just give it time to regain its natural ability to produce oil by consistently using all-natural hair care products.


So, don’t be alarmed if your hair isn’t shiny or manageable right away. Like I mentioned, it’s normal and I guess you’ll need to be patient and wait until your hair is happy and healthy again. Although, there are some tips that help your hair during this phase:



5 Awesome Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Manageable Naturally


Make your own hair mask from natural ingredients. You can utilise common natural ingredients you can find at your kitchen like honey, egg yolk and coconut oil. When combined these ingredients would make an awesome healthy hair mask which you can apply at least once a week and leave on your hair for at least thirty minutes.


Skip hot showers for now. Did you know that hot showers can be very drying to your hair as well as your skin? Lukewarm water is better as it’s not too drying for your hair.


Don’t keep washing your hair. Washing your hair less often helps it to produce more natural oil.


Make your own leave-in conditioner. When you make your own leave-in conditioner, use coconut oil as a natural ingredient as it offers many benefits including deeply moisturising your hair from the roots as well as treating sun damaged hair and eliminating dandruff. Doing this will improve your hair’s condition as it becomes manageable and shiny.


Use baking soda as natural ingredient to strip your hair from any build-up of toxic or synthetic ingredients. Simply combine a small amount of water with at least two tablespoons of baking soda and apply it on your hair. Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly afterwards.


Remember that after you’ve switched from using chemically laden products to all-natural hair care, it may take from two weeks to two months depending on the current condition of your hair. Patience is needed during this phase; give your hair time to regain its manageability and shine. Remind yourself that you’re finally through with synthetics and chemicals, so you’re doing the environment a huge favour as well as doing something good for your overall health.


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  1. Rachel Minchin 3 years ago

    I love the Lavender & Coconut Hair Conditioner from Dr. Bronners. A small amount really works well and I don’t had any problems of my hair feeling oily or overwhelmed. I am very impressed with the results!

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