5 Quick Fixes to Rid Yourself of Gym Hair Forever
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Motivating yourself during workout is tough but how about making sure your hair still looks fabulous after accumulating all that sweat. Although, we always feel great after putting on some sweat after workout, our hair and scalp though feels differently and if you are like most people, a good shower seems to be a practical solution to this icky feeling.


However, beauty experts highly recommend not washing your hair all the time or even everyday.  If you’re wondering why this is so, shampooing daily will actually strip out your hair’s natural oil leaving you with dull and dry hair. On the other hand, it is recommended to shampoo at least 2 to 3 times a week so as to protect your hair’s natural oils.


So, after each workout, you should have a hair care routine that helps your hair recover. We’re happy to share with you some quick recommendations that’ll help ensure your hair will still be looking as fabulous as ever after the gym.



5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Hair Happy After Gym


  1. Apply a dry shampoo before hitting the gym.

This technique is essential though it may seem weird that you’re applying dry shampoo prior to working up sweat. By applying dry shampoo, this process helps absorb excess oil while you sweat making sure your hair doesn’t feel that icky afterward.


  1. Before workout, prep your hair with a cute hair style that works with how you want your hair to look like after the gym.

Wear a hair style that makes your hair look glam after your workout. For instance, a loose ponytail to ensure your hair doesn’t have any kinks or braids which will help create loose waves. Whatever works well for you, try it!


  1. You need to towel your hair then blow dry to add volume and eliminate excess sweat.

Once your hair is soaked with sweat, it’ll look dull and limp so you’ll want to add more volume into it by toweling dry your hair to remove excess sweat then use a blow dryer especially on the roots. This really helps your look alive after working out.


  1. Don’t use a dry shampoo on wet hair.

So, contrary to using dry shampoo prior to hitting the gym, make sure not use one post workout. It’s really not recommended as you’ll only make your hair feel cakey and undesirable. Dry shampoo is meant to be used on dry hair so best to keep this in mind.


  1. Use a soft hair spray to mask any unwanted odour.

After your workout, your hair should still smell fresh and appealing but this can be a challenge especially after working out. To mask any unwanted odour and to keep your hair from smelling like your gym clothes, spritz enough soft hair spray.


These 5 easy fixes will help keep your hair smell and look fresh and fabulous no one will ever think your came out from the gym. If you’re looking for natural dry shampoo that’s perfect before your workout sessions, check out our recommendations below.


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  1. Hannah Venables 11 months ago

    I absolutely love dry shampoo! As a mom and always on the go, it helps me freshen my hair up quick and keep it healthy!

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