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We’re excited to announce that we are accepting submissions for guest blog posts. You can now have your own guest blogger profile on the and be seen in front of over 50,000 visitors per month. We’re looking for informative content that we can share with our customers and guests.

A few guidelines to keep the quality of the blog high:

  • All content must be unique with the exception of quoting or citing other related content.
  • You may link back to your own related website and news sites, but not promote other blogs.
  • You may not use your affiliate links in the content if you are our affiliate or anyone elses.
  • All images used you must own full rights to use and use references as required.
  • It kind of goes without saying, all content must be written in English and proof read before submission.

You may want to read our blog post 7 Blogging Tips For Health And Beauty Bloggers for hints and tips.



How Does Guest Blogging Work On Love Thyself?

Once you have filled in the application form above we will review your application.

When your application is approved you will be sent a login to the site.

Navigate to the “posts” section where you can submit your posts.

Your posts will be reviewed and then we will edit if needed and publish to the blog. Please note you won’t be



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