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A good long shower or bath is a simple yet utterly satisfying reward especially after a tedious day at work. Don’t you ever wonder why women take too much time in bathroom? It would even be more worthwhile if you have products that provide overall wellness to their skin, and not just any products at that. There may be tons of different brands in the market, however, how can we be too sure that the ingredients used in these brands are safe for our skin?

There’s so much commercial and advertising on popular brands, and yet most of these brands use toxic ingredients that will ultimately cause harm to the skin and worse, our overall health. This is why Love Thyself only stocks products that are natural, organic, vegan friendly, gluten free and also cruelty free.


Women love having the perfect bathroom essentials which is why these can be considered wonderful presents for ladies especially after work. They will surely enjoy the refreshing and nourishing effects of the notable products being offered by Love Thyself. So, if you’re searching for top gifts for women, you’ll have an extensive selections of everyday must-have bathroom essentials for your lady.  


Coconut Lovers Bathroom Pack

14 Coconut Lovers Bathroom Pack

This bathroom pack is perfect for coconut lovers! Coconut is a known ingredient for its intensely nourishing effects. If you’re looking for
present ideas for women,  get your lady one of these packs because she absolutely deserves its goodness. She will get Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo 237ml, which  is perfect for over-processed hair as it brings back hair’s natural lustre; Eco by Sonya Driver Coconut Body Milk 375ml is formulated with natural and organic ingredients to intensely moisturise dry skin and promote healthy younger looking skin; Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner 237ml with Coconut Oil  to promote natural shine and moisture especially for over-treated hair, it’s 100% Vegan, gluten free and wheat free; and Eco Tan Coconut Roll on Deodorant 60ml can be used for both sexes, imbued with natural Coconut scent, it keeps underarms fresh and odour free throughout the day.


Essential Grooming Packs

17 Essential Grooming Pack

Here are some essential gift ideas for her, the ultimate Grooming Packs. There’s no need to buy these items separately which means it’s convenient and hassle-free. This pack features a luxurious set of all necessary grooming essentials including Eyebrow Tweezers Ornament, Acne Removal Needle, Face Mask Activated Charcoal, Bamboo Charcoal Facial Brush, and Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush.





Lemon Grass Bathroom Pack

37 Lemongrass Bathroom Pack

This pack has everything required for stimulating your senses and boosting energy! Formulated only with natural and organic goodness that’s suitable for all skin types, this pack will help your lady feel and smell fresh all throughout the day. It’s gentle on the skin and helps improve the skin’s vitality, as well as nourishing effects for hair. The pack consists of
Acure Shampoo Lemongrass + Argan 235ml, a clarifying shampoo formulated with organic Argan Oil to effectively remove dirt and grime from hair; Acure Conditioner Lemongrass + Argan 235ml, a clarifying conditioner also formulated with Organic Argan Oil to strengthen, moisturise, detangle, and keep hair healthy and shiny all day; and Dr Bronners Organic Pump Soap Lemongrass Lime 355ml is suitable for Vegans and is Certified Organic, an awesome soap for cleansing the hands, face, body, and hair.


Beautiful Body Pack

For a thorough detoxifying, cleansing, and stimulating shower, this Beautiful Body Pack is a splendid women’s gift idea. This pack contains a 3 step process with the help of 3 luxurious Giovanni products including
D:tox Body Wash 310ml which contains activated charcoal, as well as volcanic ash to deeply cleanse the skin and unblock pores; D:tox Body Scrub 170g a rather effective scrub with green tea oils to nourish the  skin and remove remaining dirt; and D:tox Body Lotion 250ml to lather your skin with nourishing vitamins and minerals after bathing and exfoliate dead skin.



These are just a few of the many products from Love Thyself that focus on providing quality, effective, natural and organic products for consumers. These are practical and healthy everyday essential must-haves that you can also consider as your present ideas for women. For more selections, visit the rest of our Gift Ideas here.  


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