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Traveling sometimes gives us a lot of stress especially when you start thinking about the essentials you need for your trip. If your precious lady is always up for adventure or is the traveling kind, and you’d like nothing more than to give her a nice, useful, and thoughtful present, you’ve come to the right place.

Knowing what to give to your girl might be a little confusing at first, but if you have several hand picked and well-thought-out options you can choose from that suits her needs best, especially when she travels.

Discovering the perfect gift ideas for her from all the options provided before you, isn’t as complicated as it seems.  There are many gift ideas that will make suitable carry-on travel essentials here in Love Thyself.

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Check out our best presents for her suitable for your loved one’s travels:

Black Chicken Remedies Travel Skin Care Kit/Starter Pack $72.29

Image of Black Chicken Remedies Travel Skin Care Kit/Starter Pack by Love Thyself Australia

A skincare travel kit like no other! This Black Chicken Remedies Travel Skin Care Kit/Starter Pack is a convenient and effective travel kit that can be easily stashed inside her carry-on. It contains the necessary essentials to keep her skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated throughout day. This pack contains Cleanse my face (5ml) purifying oil cleanser, Complexion Polish (5g) gentle exfoliator, Love Your Face Serum (5ml) anti-ageing hydration booster, Axilla Deodorant Paste (15g) chemical-free deodorant, and Love Your Body Oil (5ml).


JIV.ELAN Antioxidant Boost Travel Pack $49

JIV.ELAN - Antioxidant Boost Travel Pack 01

Give your lady a great gift idea that offers a boost of antioxidants to keep her skin hydrated, revitalised, and restored. This JIV.ELAN travel pack gives her face the glow and protection it needs while traveling. It consists of Antioxidant Boost Face Cream Day and Night (15g) which hydrates and protects, promoting younger and healthier-looking skin, Luminous Vitamin C Face Serum (10ml) which revitalises and repairs environmentally stressed and damaged skin, and Restorative Fruit Acids Face Tonic (40ml) which transforms skin so it’s cleaner, smoother, and firmer, using a concentrated blend of effective botanical enzymes and extracts.


JIV.ELAN – Advanced Skin Renew Travel Pack $59

JIV.ELAN - Advanced Skin Renew Travel Pack 01

As we age we need to take better care of our skin and JIV.ELAN Advanced Skin Renew travel pack makes a perfect gift for her especially when your better half is already in her 50’s. It would make a rather thoughtful present for your mother as well. It contains Deep Forest Hydration Advanced Face Cream (15g) which is a powerful anti-wrinkle face cream that promotes skin’s hydration, firmness as well as elasticity, Revitalise and Lift Intensive Eye Cream (15g) which is an anti-wrinkle eye cream that is specially formulated with firming and hydrating ingredients for the delicate eye area, Deep Nourishment Face Elixir Oil (10ml)  gives the skin an intense nourishment from cold press organic essential oils, and Restorative Fruit Acids Face Tonic (40ml) which is a healthy all-natural tonic that helps reduce blemishes, dead skin cells and pores.


Traveling doesn’t mean that we should take our skin for granted. These travel packs will surely make your loved one’s traveling experience more worthwhile and memorable.


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