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Are you looking for the perfect gift for her that she will find beneficial and use every day? Of course, it is quite easy to look for simple and inexpensive gifts in supermarkets. However, one must consider whether these items are free from chemicals and other toxic ingredients, so they are safe to use around the house.

Most people are concerned about the safety of skincare products they use. However, household items must also be eco-friendly, as all members of a household will come into contact with these. Some items like cleaners and polishers used to clean furniture may contain ingredients that are harmful to health, and may ultimately cause health problems in the future especially if these products are used regularly.

Love Thyself has a range of unique gifts for women that are safe to use in the household. If you’re planning on getting women gift ideas, we make it easier for you by showcasing safe and useful products that are sure to bring a bright smile on your wife or mum’s face.

Unique Female Gift Ideas for the Household

Artisans Bungalow – Citrus Cedrus Essential Oil Candle

Artisans Bungalow - Citrus Cedrus Essential Oil Candle 01

This vegan friendly and cruelty free aromatherapy candle with exquisite balancing and calming blend of natural essential oils of Cedarwood Atlas, Orange and Clementine would make great gifts ideas for her and will make any woman look forward to relaxing at home. These unique candles are proudly made in Sydney, Austarlia and hand poured by batches to ensure a luxurious experience made only from nature’s ingredients




Eco Mates – Scrub Me Polish Me (Marble Paste) 300g

Eco Mates - Scrub Me Polish Me (Marble Paste) 01
A natural way to clean mouldy tiles, grout, bathtubs, shower screens, tapware, pots and pans; Scrub Me Polish contains antibacterial and mould deterring qualities to effectively sanitise dirty and wet areas. It can also be used to shine silverware, clean dirt and markings on walls, benches and furniture. For cleaning exteriors, it can be used to polish weathered plastic seats, tables, benches, BBQ grills and metal fences. This product is suitable for vegans and is cruelty free.




Eco Mates – Mop It Clean (Herbal Floor Cleaner) 500ml

Eco Mates - Mop It Clean (Herbal Floor Cleaner) 500ml 01

This is herbal floor cleaner that’s natural, vegan and cruelty free. It’s safe to inhale while you clean and harmless for crawling babies. It uses highly advanced plant extracts to eradicate unfavourable smells and instead, leaves the sweet and pleasant fragrance of Lemon Myrtle. It’s highly concentrated, pH neutral as well as residue free. It also dries fast so there’s no need to wait a while for the floor to dry. Your wife will definitely have more peace of mind knowing that this cleaner doesn’t contain harmful toxins. The ingredients used are 100% plant based contained in an eco-friendly and recyclable plastic. Add this to your list of women gift ideas so your wife will appreciate such a thoughtful present.



Eco Mates – Flushed Away Toilet Scrub 500ml

Eco Mates - Flushed Away Toilet Scrub 500ml 01
Another fantastic unique gifts for her that your wife or mum will truly appreciate by Eco Mates, the Flushed Away Toilet Scrub effectively removes and kills treacherous germs such as E.coli, Pseudomonas bacteria and Staphylococcus without compromising your family’s safety. Sure, there are many household cleaners that remove bad germs but the ingredients used are questionable. This product, on the other hand, is a certified organic, vegan friendly, cruelty free and natural scrub.




Eco Mates – Eau De Spray Deodoriser 500ml

Eco Mates - Eau De Spray Deodoriser 500ml 01

A natural antibacterial spray that effectively eradicates harmful odour causing bacteria, this spray is a perfect all-around deodoriser that helps remove unpleasant odour from the kitchen, bathroom, car and etc. This is an eco-friendly and safe alternative to chemically laden deodorisers. It is also imbued with the relaxing and inspiring fragrance of Lemon Myrtle. This product is proudly made in Australia and would make a perfect gift for her.


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If your mum or wife hasn’t switched to using natural or organic household products, this is a fine time to start. Surprise them now with any of these female gift ideas, so you can all benefit from natural and safe household products good for your family’s overall wellbeing.


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  1. Mark Samsom 3 years ago

    Your selection of gifts will definitely bring a smile to my spouse’s face. She’s into organic products and very sensitive when buying household products.

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