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Are you looking for gift ideas for women but having a hard time to deal with all the options available? Love Thyself is your perfect companion when it comes to finding the best all-natural and organic products that cater to women’s’ body care needs of all ages. You have definitely come to the right place as we have narrowed down only naturally sourced products from which quality and efficacy are guaranteed! We have a wide range of body care essentials that would make fantastic gifts for ladies whether your girlfriend, wife, mum, sister or best friend is looking for a product that suits their skin.

Are you ready? We have the best gift ideas for women that are affordable and made of high quality materials and ingredients that are safe to use. No more of those nasties that you thought were good for you. With years of experience in providing only products that are formulated with naturally sourced ingredients, Love Thyself is confident that you are in good hands.


Here are some of the latest body care essentials that would make excellent great gifts for women to surprise your lovely lady, mum or women you care about.

Jute Dry Face Brush by Bodecare

Bodecare - Jute Dry Face Brush 01

Not your ordinary face brush! This Jute Dry Face Brush is made with soft plant bristles that make it a gentle yet effective tool to exfoliate, stimulate circulation and prevent congestion around the face area. Using a face brush in your facial routine is also great way to reduce premature ageing. Use once a week followed by applying facial oil or a hydration mask for optimum efficacy.





Tampico FSC Dry Body Brush By Bodecare

Bodecare - Tampico FSC Dry Body Brush 01

If she needs a non-toxic brush that’s gentle on the skin, while expertly exfoliating and detoxifying the body by stimulating especially the lymphatic system to encourage waste removal, this Dry Body Brush by Bodecare is definitely for keeping! The material used is made from heat treated FSC certified wood whilst the bristles are derived from steamed Tampico plant fibres, which makes it an ideal brush for vegans. Due to its high quality material, it is a popular dry brush that’s used by professional day spas all over the world.




Jojoba Body Oil by Bodecare

Bodecare - Jojoba Body Oil 100ml 01Unique gifts for her that can be used on body, hair and face derived from Australian grown 100% pure cold-pressed Jojoba Oil. Its lightweight formula makes it an excellent oil to nourish and moisturise the skin and hair especially when you have to deal with dry skin and scalp problems. It can also be used after your dry body brushing routine. Its features are close to the skin’s natural oil which makes it super absorbent and leaves the skin smooth and velvety.




Nourishing Body Balm 60g by Babs Bodycare

Image of Babs Bodycare - Natural Nourishing Balm 60g by Love Thyself Australia
This product is a delightful body balm with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to nourish, moisturise and soothe dry as well as irritated skin. It’s is derived from the natural blends of Chamomile, Calendula and Hemp oil to promote renewal and regeneration of skin cells and collagen production. It can also be used as a hand and heel cream, facial balm and ointment for insect bites and grazes.




Detoxifying Body Scrub 200g by Babs Bodycare

Image of Babs Bodycare Detoxifying Body Scrub 200g by Love Thyself Australia
If your partner needs an uplifting and satisfying bath from the tedious challenges of work, this body scrub helps detoxify, cleanse and revive tired skin and muscles leaving her feeling revitalised and refreshed. It’s formulated with organic and vegan friendly essences of Epsom, Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts as well as vitamins and minerals to help to stimulate blood circulation and assist in skin cell renewal.




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Take a good look at these products and get one or all of these affordable body essentials for your lady or women whose special in your life. Love Thyself guarantees only the best products sourced from natural and organic ingredients that supports the body care needs of its customers. Once you make your purchase, we deliver your items fast with love and care so you have enough time to surprise your loved ones after work or during your spare time. For more gift ideas for her Australia, feel free to search our product catalogue as we have plenty of options available that’s just a few clicks away!

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  1. Eliza Outtrim 3 years ago

    I loved using Detoxifying Body Scrub from Babs Bodycare as a bath soak to relieve my tired muscles after my training. Very relaxing and refreshing!

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