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Want to make your girl feel extra special? You don’t necessarily have to wait for her birthday or your Anniversary just to give gifts for her. Giving her something simple, yet thoughtful, will let her know just how special she is in your life. Because she deserves it, doesn’t she? Yes indeed. There are several ways to make her feel like a queen, and we don’t mean buying tickets to Bali or anything of that sort that could make you break the bank. Presents in boxes are beautiful and simple that you can get for your wife, girlfriend, fiancée or even your sister, if you want to make her feel special on any given day.

Why giving presents make your girl feel extra special?

Most girls love surprises. They love the feeling that their man is thoughtful enough to buy them something especially when they need to feel better. There are wonderful products that are packed together for a purpose. The good thing about these presents is that they’re easy and fun to choose what box to give, and there are several practical options available. A beauty gift box will make wonderful surprises especially on a day when she’ll least expect it. They look better, like they’ve been prepared precisely for your special lady and have a personalised card along with it, making things more personal and from the heart, as ever.

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Beauty gift box ideas that’ll make great presents for her

Goodnight Basket $82.75

Image of Goodnight Gift Box (Gift Basket) by Love Thyself Australia

Make her nights feel memorable and comfortable, this goodnight basket offers divine products that were designed to utter the message that “she’s special.” It includes Calm Me Chamomile Tub Tea Bath Soaks 50g, which is a welcomed treat after a long day at work; a Make Up Eraser, which is a re-usable, hygienic washable cloth, effective and healthy option compared to chemically infused wet wipes; Andalou Naturals Night Cream 50ml, a 100% Vegan nourishing cream that makes her skin soft and youthful; and Massage Stick Aromatherapy “Sleep Assist” Moisturiser, a therapeutic moisturiser with essential oils to soothe and calm her mind. If you’re looking for vegan presents, this is a great alternative, except for the massage stick which is organic.

Comfort Basket $94.80 

Image of Comfort gift box by Love Thyself Australia

If you’re looking for eco gifts that can make her feel relaxed and comfortable, this Comfort basket is the answer. It contains an ICare Menstrual Cup, which is an eco-friendly, hygienic option to sanity pads and tampons; Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil 237ml, which is the purest magnesium oil that helps in easing aches and pains; Natural Konjac Exfoliator Face Cleansing Sponge Green Tea, a 100% natural sponge that helps exfoliate, cleanse and moisturises; and Organic Chocolate indulgence (milk chocolate hazelnuts) 150g, which helps satisfy those cravings.

Matcha Green Tea Addict Basket $94.95

Image of Matcha Green Tea Addict Pack – Gift Box by Love Thyself Australia

More natural gift ideas here, this pack will surely bring a charming smile to her lips. It contains 4 Matcha green tea products to make her look and feel great, such as Matcha Green with Envy 30g, a natural and organic face mask that’s great for tired skin; Green With Envy Matcha Sugar Scrub Lime & Lavender 150g, rejuvenates the whole body with luxurious organic sugar scrub; Zen Matcha Green powder 60g, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to boost energy and concentration; and lastly, Matcha Bamboo Whisk, efficiently whisks your green tea than a spoon and made out of 100 prongs from a single bamboo.

We’ll stop here for now, there are still more options to choose from that’ll definitely suit your girl’s needs. These natural and organic gift ideas serve a purpose and are quite useful for the daily grind. If you need something simple but practical, check these out for the best gifts for her.

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  1. Leah Smith 4 years ago

    Your Matcha Green Tea Addict Basket is really perfect for on-the-go matcha lovers like me!

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