Healthy Food Gifts For Women Perfect For Any Occasion
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Healthy Food Gifts for Women Perfect for Any Occasion article image by Love Thyself

If you’re truly concerned about health, choose vigorous food gifts for women. Showing your loved ones that you are undoubtedly concerned of their welfare is nothing short of admirable. The modern times are changing, and we are almost tempted every single day, with foods of all sorts that are far from healthy and safe. It is important to be extra vigilant, when it comes to choosing foods that are good for our well-being. If you’ve watched Michael Pollan’s Documentary titled, “In Defense of Food”, you’ll realise and start asking what food you should eat, in order to be strong and vigorous.

Take a good look at the ingredients used in making the food, before you consider buying or eating them. It’s even better to prepare it from scratch, but we don’t always have the luxury of time, which is why you’ll have to know which ones are good for you, and which ones you’re better off avoiding. In terms of gift ideas, Love Thy Self promotes healthy food products that you can give to your special lady or anyone you care about.

Food Gift Ideas for Women that Promote our Wellbeing

Women’s Health and Wellbeing Pack $54.75

Women's Health and Wellbeing

Perfect pack for promoting women’s overall wellbeing, it features Planet Organic Fenugreek 75g, a certified organic ancient spice that’s awesome for curry paste, pickles and curry powders; Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Womens Multi 100g, a wholefood that’s rich in prebiotics, fermented ingredients to help improve digestive system; and Every Bit Organic Raw Evening Primrose Oil 100ml, an amazing primrose oil that can be added to food and helps improve skin elasticity, as well as, relieve skin irritations.


Immunity Pack $91.85

Immunity Pack

Gifts ideas for her that helps boost the immune system, keeping the body strong and vigorous. This pack contains Amazonia Immune 120g, made up of organic superfoods and antioxidants great for everyday maintenance; Hab Shifa Black Seed Oil 250ml, derived from Nigella Sativa plant which has plenty of vitamins and antioxidants; and Synergy Organic – Wheatgrass Powder 200g, a 100% certified organic whole leaf wheat grass powder that also offers great health benefits.


Happy Tummy Fiber Pack $68.95

34 Happy Tummy Fibre Pack

Happy tummy indeed, this pack will definitely help your special lady stay fit! If you still haven’t decided which great gift ideas for women to choose, this pack allows her to incorporate fibre-rich superfoods into her diet. It consists of Heal Your Gut Powder 250gm which helps keep the digestive tract clear form toxins and other unnecessary wastes; Amazonia Raw Prebiotic Greens 120g, a delicious addition to your favourite cereal or smoothies that’s rich in minerals and prebiotics; and Planet Organic Psyllium Husk Powder 300g which is great for promoting regular bowel movement.

Super Food Package $99.90

Image of Super Food Package by Love Thyself Australia

This is an amazing gift for her that contains 4 nutritionally rich superfoods that’s high in vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals. This pack features Maca Powder 250g that helps boost energy; Matcha Green Tea Powder 60 grams, a safe substitute for coffee or tea; Supergreens 200g, a nourishing green superfood that’s awesome for vegans; and Eden Health Foods Bee Pollen 180g, considered the best tasting bee pollen in the world that’s rich in nutrients and proteins.

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Now that you’ve got all these delicious and great gift ideas for women, give your girl something worthwhile that’ll promote her wellbeing. Not only will she love you more because of your efforts, but she’ll realise how deeply concerned you are with her well-being. This is what you call true love!

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  1. Alannah Tasman 3 years ago

    I love you Happy Tummy Fiber Pack, great idea, convenient and all products are very effective. I am very happy how all the products help me with IBS and other digestive problems,

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