Great Gift Idea For Women – Must-Have Hydrating Beauty Essentials
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Great Gift Ideas For Women – Must-Have Hydrating Beauty Essentials article image by Love Thyself Australia

Most often skin hydrating products are underrated. Skin hydration is essential in keeping skin’s moisture and health which makes these must-have presents for ladies. Drinking sufficient amount of water every day plays a key role in keeping skin well-hydrated; however, it is also necessary to consider hydrating products to ensure optimum hydrating efficacy in skin especially when you are in an environment where dehydrating stressors are prevalent.

Reasons Why Hydration is Absolutely Necessary

A well-hydrated skin enjoys many benefits including a supple, plump and healthy skin. If skin is dehydrated, dry and flaky skin occurs which is not a pretty sight. The skin is also prone to acne, oil, irritation and wrinkles if it lacks much needed hydration. If your skin is already prone to acne, dehydration will only worsen your skin’s condition. The lack of moisture also results in oily skin. How is this so? Dehydrated skin causes the glands to produce more oil in order to protect your skin’s outer layer. Most women mistakenly diagnose their skin as dry when it’s actually lacking water.

If you have a friend who consistently complains about dryness, give her unique gifts for women essentially natural beauty products that will target these hydration concerns. You are in luck since we are showcasing a few products that will make a profound difference to dehydrated skin in no time.
Love Thyself’s List of Best Gift Ideas for Women to Hydrate Skin
Zk’in Brightening & Hydrating Masque 65ml

Zk'in - Brightening & Hydrating Masque 65ml
Hydrate and brighten skin with this natural masque by Zk’in. It’s a perfect product to pamper skin by boosting its moisture content leaving it smoother and lighter in complexion. It is formulated with Brown Seaweed from the primeval Tasmanian waters to improve skin’s elasticity for up to 67% and maintain its natural collagen for up to 68%. It also features organic Cocoa and Aloe Vera responsible for improving skin’s appearance and boosting hydration respectively.



Divine Woman – Hydrating Cream Cleanser 100ml

Image of Divine Woman – Hydrating Cream Cleanser 100ml by Love Thyself Australia
A sophisticated hydrating cream cleanser that helps skin’s moisture intact and deeply cleanses from dirt and makeup residue. It is formulated with ingredients that are 100% naturally derived from plants and 85% ingredients which are certified organic. This product is proudly Australian made, Vegan friendly, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free. Its key ingredients includes Carrot Tissue Oil an anti-ageing component that helps eradicate free radicals; Witch Hazel an anti-inflammatory and mild astringent to effectively clean whilst resulting a cooling effect; Avocado Oil is easily absorbed into the skin’s layers to provide protection against wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of premature ageing; and Candelia Wax results a protective micro-barrier over the skin’s layer to lock its moisture.

Zen Botanics – Super Hydrator Serum 30ml

Zen Botanics - Super Hydrator Serum 30ml 02
Another one of the list of best gifts for women is Super Hydrator by Zen Botanics. Perfect for those who spend too much time in air-conditioned rooms and other environment where skin’s moisture is easily depleted. It is formulated with the natural goodness of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5 to effectively plump the skin with enough moisture allowing it to look supple and soft throughout the day. Add a layer of moisturiser to the serum to keep moisture in place. This product is super lightweight and suitable for guys as well, so your friend can share this with her boyfriend or husband.



Neighbourhood Botanicals – The Daily Glow Facial Oil 30ml

Neighbourhood Botanicals - The Daily Glow Facial Oil 30ml 01

Packed with active botanicals and vitamins, this Daily Glow Facial Oil by Neighbourhood Botanicals is formulated to provide moisture and protection leaving skin hydrated, plumped and restored daily. It is blended from key ingredients including Vitamin C, D, Selenium, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to assist in collagen production, improve elasticity, protection from free radicals, reduce fine lines and other signs of ageing and create a natural oil barrier to keep skin well-hydrated and radiant looking. It also makes a great base for moisturiser and makeup.


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These products will definitely provide a solution to your friend’s problems with dry or dehydrated skin. Feel free to try any of these products or other unique gifts for women that are available here at Love Thyself. You shouldn’t miss out on natural and organic products that offer beneficial and effective solutions to various skin types and conditions. We have the experience and knowledge to provide our consumers with only the best, effective and safe products available in the market.


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