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Gifts $150+


Organic and Natural Gifts $150+

Treat the special women in your life with organic goodness. You want to
give her the best, so why not give her the gift of natural beauty and
wellness? Why give her a pair of expensive heels when you can send her
organic skincare products that will help her keep her youthful look for
many years to come.

Gift ideas for women should reflect the amount of pampering that you want
your lady to experience daily. We selected the perfect gift sets that your
loved one will surely be delighted to receive. Our gift idea sets for her
are a collection of organic and eco-friendly beauty and wellness products
that she can use for a long time, and will give her health advantages that
no dress, shoes, or jewelry could only wish to offer.

If you want to score points with that special woman in your life, you may
also give her Love Thy Self gift certificates. With a gift certificate as
present, you give her the freedom to choose from our wide selection of
natural skincare and wellness options.

It’s really difficult to find the perfect gift ideas for women. But one
thing that is common amongst all women, regardless of age and personal
preference is that they only want the best for their skin and their hair.
Our impressive hair care products and skin care products haul will delight
your special lady on her special occasion. A gift certificate worth $150
from our store will be more than enough for her to get a luxurious beauty
haul that will be delivered at her doorstep!

If you want the perfect gift for the special women in your life, start
perusing from our vast array o opulent gifts for her. From organic
moisturizers to home spa sets, you’ll definitely find something that
perfectly matches her skin and beauty routine!


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