Best Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2019
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It’s time once more to think about your wife, your mum and other mums that have a special place in your heart. You know it deep down that you need no reminder of their courage and strength as they face the challenges of motherhood every day for the rest of their lives. Mother’s Day is the best time to show them they are appreciated and how much they mean to you. With the best Mother’s Day Gift Idea, it won’t be difficult to show your appreciation.

Finding the best Mother’s Day Gift can be tricky if you’re searching at the wrong place and if you are on a budget. It is true that you need not spend extravagantly just to show someone how you feel or how much they mean to you but finding the right gift is enough to bring your message across. Those who have time to spare may think it wise to come up with a more creative DIY gift for Mother’s Day but for those who don’t have the luxury of time don’t really need to stress since they can definitely find thoughtful, budget-friendly and unique gift ideas for her at Love Thyself on different price points!

Take a look at our list of Mother’s Day gift ideas perfect for 2019: 


For mum’s who love taking care of their skin and benefit from aromatherapy, try the Altearah Emerald Oxygen Body Scrub. This organic refreshing scrub rejuvenates dull and lacklustre skin transforming tired complexion to beautiful, toned, smooth and flawless skin. She will surely love the relaxing and woody fragrance of nature. Not only will this unique body scrub the usual experience of refreshing and rejuvenating one’s skin, but it also boosts your energy and enhances your emotional and physical wellbeing.






Certainly, a cult favourite among beauty lovers, Weleda’s Skin Food is a natural and organic wonder in a tube so if your mum or wife ever travels to the desert (hopefully not) or somewhere really hot that her skin will likely fall prey to dryness or roughness, the Weleda Skin Food’s moisture-packed extracts are enough to restore her skin back to its best. It contains abundantly hydrating ingredients like chamomile, wild pansy, calendula, organic sunflower seed oil, rosemary and more.






Not everyone can afford a major prep before a huge event like celebrities do, however, a mum can get a similar prep without spending a lot of money by using Weleda’s Iris Hydrating Set. This set contains three products: a facial lotion, a day cream, and night cream. Formulated with organic and hydrating ingredients such as witch hazel, calendula, sweet almond, and jojoba oil, perfect for daily skin nourishment to prepare and protect your skin from dryness and lacklustre skin throughout the day.






You can add more sweetness to her beauty routine with Vida Glow’s Mango Marine Collagen. This organic supplement adds a healthy sweetness into her daily beauty ritual. It’s also gluten, dairy and GMO-free as well as formulated with the right vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, E, B6, Potassium, Pectin, Magnesium and Phosphorus. This helps improve her complexion making it healthy and glowing. It plumps the skin promoting a youthful glow while reducing pigmentation, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles.




Does she need help with the whole skincare bit? Try the Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Face Pack! This addition to Black Chicken’s natural skincare is a worry-free alternative as it contains all the natural goodness mother’s need in order to take better care of their skin. It contains an oil cleanser, a complexion polish, a hydrator, a serum, and a muslin face cloth pack. Not only that, you can actually save $63 for this pack so instead of paying approximately $260 get it for only $197.







Now if you still feel that finding the best Mother’s Day gift is a difficult endeavor at this point, not a problem! We know not everyone enjoys shopping! You can get her any of Love Thyself’s Gift Certificates designed for anyone who are budget conscious. The options include $25, $50, $100 and $250. I think we all can agree that the most important thing is the thought and not exactly how extravagant the gift is. There’s definitely no need to break the bank or go all the way just to get your message across. In this way, they can freely choose the natural products they want from our website. The last thing we want is to buy a gift that they won’t be able to use since it doesn’t suit their skin type.




We’re confident that with these Mother’s Day gift ideas you’ll have enough idea of what to get for your wife, your mum or your friend on Mother’s Day. So, check them out now and should you have any questions regarding any of our natural and organic skincare and wellness products, don’t be shy to contact us. Happy shopping!


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