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You realise that you just did something really reckless and afraid that you just might lose your girlfriend over a stupid fight that happened recently. You want to make it up to her by coming up with ladies gift ideas to say you’re sorry. But she doesn’t seem to be in the mood yet and she’s been ignoring your calls after the argument. What about sending her a dozen of roses and a box of chocolates, which you have done so before? This is the easiest route for sure but  you can definitely do better.

It would be right to consider best gifts for her that are useful and no, you don’t need to cough up a lot of money for it. There’s jewellery, however, this is too extravagant and unnecessary for an “I’m sorry” sort of present don’t you think? Indeed, you don’t essentially have to break the bank and without a doubt she’ll understand. That’s why it’ll be better to consider other great ideas for presents.

You can always go for beauty essentials as present ideas for her. It would appear as a rather thoughtful present than the former and she is more likely to appreciate your efforts knowing that it is unique and practical. Don’t just settle for any though, especially when it has anything to do with beauty and skincare. Always go with natural and organic products as these are safe and effective rather than those laden with toxic ingredients.

Here at Love Thyself you will discover various natural products that would make the perfect gifts for women, especially when you need to say you’re sorry.

Love Thyself’s Top I’m Sorry Presents for Her

Sweet Rose Pack

Sweet Rose Pack - Wrapped Gift Box
A perfect gift box that your girlfriend will surely love. It contains complete beauty essentials to nourish, hydrate and repair skin effectively which are Kosmea Organic Rose Hip Oil 10ml rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins to rejuvenate and hydrate skin as well as repair wrinkles, scars, acne and sun damaged skin; Kiss From A Rose Lip Balm 10ml  keeps her lips supple and nourished imbued with the goodness of Rosehip oil and Shea Butter; Cleopatra Rose Petal Beauty Mask 30g made with rose petal powder to keep the face and décolleté soft and radiant; and Andalou Naturals Rose Night Cream 50ml a great way to complete her beauty routine with Alpine Rose Stem Cells to replace lost nutrients while sleeping. It also comes with a “Something Special for You” card so you can write a personal and thoughtful message for your love.


Complete Acure Pack

Image of Complete Acure Pack – Gift Box by Love Thyself Australia
Another wonderful pack that’ll more than qualify for ladies gift ideas is the Complete Acure Pack for her to enjoy a satisfying and relaxing pampering. It includes Clarifying Shampoo Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell Shampoo 235ml imbued with organic ingredients to remove dirt and grime whilst moisturising and strengthening hair; Clarifying Conditioner Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell 235ml to soften and smoothen hair leaving it shiny and tangle-free; Acure Brightening Facial Scrub 118ml with the essence of organic sea kelp and lemon peel to gently exfoliate and remove dirt from pores without ridding it of its natural moisture; Acure Eye Cream 30ml effectively reduces wrinkles within twenty days to up to 15%; and Acure Energising Mandarin Body Lotion 235ml a non-greasy, zesty fragrance lotion that keeps her smelling fresh all day.


Pearly Whites Gift Box

Image of Pearly Whites Gift Box (Gift Basket) by Love Thyself Australia

Prepare for her beautiful smile with this Pearly Whites Gift Box for whiter and healthier teeth, perfect for a lady who’s very particular with her smile. Keeko Coconut Pulling Oil 14 x 10ml helps remove unhealthy toxins from the mouth and bodily tissues; PearlBar Bamboo Toothbrush is a charcoal-infused and 100% biodegradable toothbrush that thoroughly cleans and brightens teeth; Aloe Dent Beeswax Dental Floss contains aloe vera and peppermint for minty and soothing clean; Warpaint contains activated coconut powder and minerals to strengthen the gums and whiten teeth; lastly, a Tongue Scraper keeps the tongue clean and free of residue.


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Your lovely lady won’t be able to resist any of these useful and healthy beauty products. So, hurry and choose whichever suits her needs. It makes your message even more meaningful with a matching “I’m sorry” present to clearly convey your feelings of love and care towards her. If you want more products to choose from, feel free to browse and review any of the featured items on this link.

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  1. Frida Jones 2 years ago

    I love your sweet rose pack, it has a perfect combination that most girls will surely love. Definitely worth buying!

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