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Beauty Gift Box - A Must-Have For Women article image by Love Thyself

Are you the type of person who enjoys receiving beauty gift box surprises? This is such a wonderful treat especially for women. What I like about these pretty and attractive treats are what’s inside them. For sure, there are products that you have already tried or have yet to discover, and it’s the latter that truly makes my mood a bit merrier. Women can’t help but be curious about products especially when they were formulated to improve or protect our skin and appearance.

Love Thy Self has tons of natural and organic products that are essential to our overall well-being – hair care, herbal remedies, oral care, superfoods, makeup, perfumes, gut health, essential oils, and even products that elevate the mind. In this article, however, we will focus on which ones are popular gift ideas for women.

These are gift packs for her that will surely bring out a smile on her face. We have grouped products based on their use, so it will be easier for ladies to choose from, or even for guys who are planning on surprising their girl with any of these fabulous packs.

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Here are some beauty gift sets that ladies will love:

Pearly Whites Basket $119.95

Image of Pearly Whites Gift Box (Gift Basket) by Love Thyself Australia

A few essentials to help you take better care of your oral health; this basket features Keeko Coconut Pulling Oil 14x10ml, which helps to draw out toxins from the mouth and other bodily tissues; Pearl Bar Bamboo Toothbrush, a 100% biodegradable and charcoal infused toothbrush that helps clean and brighten teeth better than a regular toothbrush; Aloe Dent Beeswax Dental Floss, an ergonomically designed floss that helps remove small particles in between teeth that’s hard to remove using a regular toothbrush; Warpaint, a best-selling activated coconut powder that helps polish and whiten teeth; and lastly, Tongue Scraper so you won’t miss out on cleaning your tongue.

Bath and Beauty Basket $77.50

Image of Bath and Beauty - Gift Box by Love Thyself Australia

Does your girl need pampering after a long day? This bath and beauty set contains gifts for her that will surely help relax and alleviate stress. It features Ancient Mineral Magnesium Bath Flakes 750g, the perfect food and body soak that has therapeutic and healing properties; Green Tea Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural sponge made of vegetable fibre to safely and effectively exfoliate skin; Activated Charcoal Mask 20g are 6 gentle face masks that help remove impurities and improve skin tone; lastly, Giovanni – D:tox Body Lotion 250ml from natural ingredients like Acai, Goji Berry, and antioxidants to provide intense nourishment to skin without blocking pores.

Complete Acure Pack $109.95
Image of Complete Acure Pack – Gift Box by Love Thyself Australia

Are you still looking for more good gifts for girls? How about a set of 100% organic products that offer complete body rejuvenation and suitable for all skin types? This Acure pack is not something ladies should miss. It features Clarifying Shampoo Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell Shampoo 235ml,  which helps remove grime and dirt, and gives hair a healthy bounce; Clarifying Conditioner Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell 235ml effectively untangles hair leaving it smooth and shiny; Acure Facial Scrub 118ml has organic sea kelp and lemon peel to gently exfoliate skin, while French green clay removes impurities; Acure Eye Cream 30ml helps reduce wrinkles up to 15% within 20 days due to its natural and chemical-free ingredients; Acure Energising Mandarin Body Lotion 235ml, a non-greasy lotion with sweet zesty fragrance that helps keep the body revitalised and fresh throughout the day.

If you’re looking for more beauty gift sets, stay tuned because we will feature more awesome products that will surely meet and exceed your girl’s expectations.

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  1. Evie Jarman 3 years ago

    Your gift ideas are great! I love acure products so great to have them in a complete set. I want one please!!!

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