7 Smile-Making Organic Gift Ideas for Her
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7 Smile-Making Organic Gift Ideas for Her image by Love Thyself Australia

Are you looking for a special gift to your loved one on a special day? No matter what occasion it is, you should be prepared to give her something that she would never forget. Most men would buy their girlfriends and wives flowers or chocolates. These are great gift ideas for women and they definitely bring out your romantic side, but don’t you think these are getting old?

If you want to give a gift to your girl, it definitely pays if you think a lot harder than what you’ve been doing over the past months or years. Flowers and chocolates are a given: is there nothing else?

If you want to make sure that this gift is truly special, unique and would put a smile across her face, then you have to do better than that. Fortunately, the Internet offers a wide range of choices for you – you just have to take the time and check them out.

Looking for a special gift online is not difficult. You should just have enough time to spare so you can weigh all of the possible options. Of course, remember to check the reputation of the online seller to ensure you are dealing with a legit business.

In case you have not noticed, a lot of online sellers today offer ‘ideas for her’ gift packages. One of the more popular options today are presents that are considered organic. Believe it or not, these organic presents can cheer up your beloved.

Organic? Why?

Most women would appreciate the usual stuffed toys and other cheesy gifts for her, but if you want to make an impression, then going for organic might be the way to go. But what exactly is organic? It is simply something that is el naturale, or eco-friendly, which means it is made up of natural materials or ingredients.

Organic or eco-friendly gifts also refer to products that did not have a harmful effect on nature during its production. If your girl is someone who values nature and is considered a nature junkie, then organic products are the perfect presents for her.

Searching for organic gift ideas is easy, you just have to know where to start looking. Ask your buddies and at least one of them can point you to your first step.

What are my options?

You may already be scratching your head or pouting just thinking about it. ‘Do I really need to go this far just for a gift?’ If you truly cherish that someone, you will do whatever it takes to put that precious smile on her face. Of course, it pays more if the smile stays there longer.

There are several types of organic ladies gifts that you may check out, and each one has its own qualities, benefits and drawbacks. You just have to weigh your options, and try not to pick the cheapest one.

Beauty and hygiene set

The all natural beauty and hygiene set is perfect for women who are always bothered by the way they look, smell and feel. Organic soaps, shampoos and toothpastes are ideal choices for this set. Other options include perfume, deodorants and cologne – all should be eco-friendly.

Health and wellness set

For women who are always on the look out when it comes to their health, this set should work perfectly.You may include green tea bags and other nutritional food sources and supplements to help her detox and gain a healthy and toxin-free body. If your lady always want to pamper herself, massage oil and other accessories may work as well.

Organic accessories set

If your wife or girlfriend is fond of wearing different accessories to match her clothing, then you can now come up with some gift ideas that can make her happy. Whether the accessories can be worn or just displayed in her room or home, she would definitely appreciate such gifts. Whenever she looks at your gift, she will always remember how you went beyond the usual and bought it for her.

Eco-friendly gear

You can also choose various gears for your loved one. Whether it is a bag, a pair of rubber shoes, a wristwatch, or a tool that she is dying to have, she would surely appreciate you for completing her collection or travel gear.

Natural decorations

Does she love decorating her room or your house? Does she always want the home to be prepared for the upcoming occasion or holiday? If your answer is yes, then maybe you can cheer her up by giving her more unique and natural decorations she can use. Wreaths, ribbons, and other kinds of decorations are ideal for women with these preferences.

Organic food

Food is perhaps one of the most practical presents you can give, mainly because no matter what it is, she would still eat it. However, if you want your gift to stand out and fit the needs of the occasion, make sure you pick one that is fancy wrapped and has great presentation. Whether you want to give her some organic chocolates, cake, or even ice cream, make sure the packaging is out of the ordinary.


Finally, one of the gift ideas that can put a smile to her face is a plant. However, we’re not talking about big, potted plants. If you have already seen a bonsai plant, they are the cutest living things ever, well aside from the usual pets. Giving your wife or girlfriend a bonsai plant is perfect for any kind of occasion, and especially if she loves flora but cannot plant due to limited space in your home.

These are just some gift ideas for her that would surely captivate her and make her feel special. Of course, as a rule of thumb, remember not to leave any marks as to how much the gift is. Your wife or girlfriend may research about the gift afterwards, but do not spoil the moment and allow her to find out that you only spent a few dollars for her gift. As long as it’s unique and eye-catching, that’s all that matters for now.

Additional tips when choosing special gifts for her

Giving your special someone a present is not an easy task and you should be prepared enough to make an informed decision. Before making any choices among the gift ideas for your girlfriend you thought about, you should try and confirm whether she would like that particular gift.

Here are some ways on how you can do this:

Check out her bag – You may be surprised what your woman is hiding in there! Most of the time, the things in her bag show the things she needs, and that gives you a clue to what you should give her.

Find out what pages she follows on Facebook – This may be a bit farfetched and time-consuming, but you may discover the things that amuse her. Use this knowledge wisely.

Notice the types of TV shows she watches – Does she love watching cooking shows, or reality fashion shows? Whatever the case may be, observing her TV show preferences will give you an idea what pleases her.

Take note of the things she usually buys – Where does she often go whenever you take her to the mall? Does she go to a wellness and beauty store, or does she prefer shoes and bags? Or both?

Listen to her – Finally, make sure you listen whenever she talks. She may have already spilled the beans as to what she wants as a gift and you’re too busy watching your favorite sport.

These are perhaps the easiest ways you can know whether your wife or girlfriend would love a particular gift or not. Obviously, you don’t want to see a ‘meh’ reaction from her just after she unwraps her gift.

Where to find gifts for girls

Finally, we have come to the moment of truth: where can you find such organic gift ideas for her? Good thing there are a growing number of online stores that understand how difficult it is to think of a gift for someone, especially if she is your long-time girlfriend, wife, or even a family member.

When looking for an online gift shop, one key factor you should remember is to check its reputation or trustworthiness. There are a number of ways on how to do this, one of which is to visit the website’s Facebook page. Most trusted sites have Facebook pages where you can read what other customers or buyers are saying about the business. Does it deliver on time? Are the prices reasonable? You can answer all these questions just by dropping by the online store’s social media accounts.

Most people give presents to their loved ones as a sign of their love, care and affection. If you really want your girlfriend or wife to feel that way, then turn it up a bit and veer away from the conventional. You will be surprised how appreciative she would be – not for the gift alone – but for your effort as well.


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