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Bringing the nature closer to each consumer is the ultimate goal of From Earth. The company has continued to show its consistency in producing high quality products which have all natural ingredients yet free from animal testing. There are tons of skincare and wellness benefits that these products  offer to achieve that youthful and glowing skin most of us want. Their commitment to widen the range of products from skincare to wellness with the help of natural ingredients (herbs, oils, natural essences, flowers and wax) show that their mission does not stop there, it is just getting started since their customers have shown tremendous support from the start. Recently, they added  Organic Remedies line of products that help repair and soothe skin problems which are caused either by stress or environment factors. These products are guaranteed to contribute an essential impact on our daily lives. What’s even good is the skincare and wellness products are made by hands, in Australia.



When we listen to health and skincare experts news, we realise unbearable side effects of products which are sold in the market. Shampoos have been associated to cause thinness and dryness to hair if used regularly. There are lotions that have ingredients to cause skin cancer and allergies. Advertisements will tell consumers how great the product is until you try and see the results. It would not hurt if fine prints are read first before purchasing a product to be sure that none of the harmful ingredients like parabens and aluminum are not part of it. Consumers can easily spot check if their desired ingredients are included on the label, or a bluff. Most ads are deceitful unless we do our own research. Last but definitely not the least, From Earth has still lived up to their values to manufacture products made by hands to give a hand to the society. Part of their proceeds go to indigents in Africa. It is their way of reaching out to the world that they can be of help to both the society and the environment, and they care.

To learn more about the company, check out what the lovely founder of From Earth, Charlotte Rasmussen, has to say about their amazing brand and products.


Behind the Brand – From Earth

About you:

Tell us a little about yourself? 


Originally from Denmark and Norway I have now settled in Australia with my husband and 3 young children. We have now settled in Torquay and opened our own little wellness shop where we ship to wholesalers and do direct retail.


How long have you been in business?  2 years


The Beginning:


When did your passion into this area begin?


My eldest daughter suffered from severe eczema and I was quite horrified with the creams the doctors were prescribing, so I started making my own remedies from after finding inspiration from my grandmother and aunt in Norway.


What was your initial inspiration to launch your business?


Many of my other friends who had young children started buying the eczema oil (healing hemp oil) from me and together with a friend; I continued my creativity and created many new recipes.


What ingredients are used in your products and why do they give such effective results?


I would rather say what ingredients I avoid which are the most important role in having healthy skincare! I don’t use any artificial / preservatives, palm oil or colours – Instead I find inspiration in all of the incredible oils that are on the market and I always buy cold pressed organic oils for the best effects! I love adding essential oils, clay and dried botanicals to add texture and nutrition to my products.


What is your background, education, Work Experience etc.?


I grew up on a farm in Denmark where I was always finding inspiration in plants and flowers as a little girl. My grandmother was also a huge inspiration as she had a basement full of homemade goods. As I grew older I studied a ton of books around botanics and their benefits and as the interest grew, I started learning about how to blend oils and creating products always using my knowledge of the raw botanics and their benefits.


The Product:


What sets natural skincare apart from the standard?


I don’t like to add water and diluting my products as the benefits and nutrition are diluted as well. Instead, I focus on pH value that suits the skin naturally – I focus on using cold pressed oils, always keeping a low temperature when creating my products to ensure that the vitamins and nutrients aren’t spoiled in the process. I also use the best essential oils on the market and keep everything as eco-friendly as possible as well as vegan friendly.


Do you have a personal favourite product from your range? 


My night eye cream – I swear by it! Made with avocado oil and coffee it helps me get rid of dark and puffy eyes and makes me look fresh every single morning (even though most nights I have been up with at least 1 of my babies!) The coffee in the eye cream helps blood circulation under the eyes and also helps firm my skin gently.


What is the most common mistake women make when it comes to taking care of their skin?


Less is more! The skin is an incredible organ which is very efficient in looking after itself – Unfortunately too many marketing schemes have made people confused on how to look after their skin and way to many unhealthy ingredients are added into products to keep manufacturers costs low with a higher margin on their products. Look for an ingredients list you understand and be aware of what ingredients you are putting on your skin – Keep it simple and nourish your skin and body as it was your temple. Your skin will thank you for it and show amazing results over time.


What are your favourite eco conscious ingredients to work with?


I would rather say not working with: I avoid paraffin wax (derived from petroleum and bleached to make it white) and palm oil! I always ensure that my ingredients are derived in a sustainable way and use suppliers who are eco conscious and who I can trust.


Can you share a beauty tip you think every woman should know?


Less is more – the skin will look after it self if we let it. Avoid coconut oil and olive oil on the face as it will clog your pores and may cause milia. Natural face oils will absorb fast and are much better for the skin than your normal cream! Go for preservative free products, cold pressed, organic and ph-balanced products which doesn’t contain artificial, preservatives or colours.


Does your skincare cater to a specific skin type, e.g. sensitive, mature, oily, etc.?


I cater to all skin types and am currently making my facial kits that cater for: normal skin, acne/oily prone, complexion, anti-ageing or sensitive. All kits are made from natural and organic ingredients and the results are just incredible! My favourite box is complexion.


The Business:

Where are you located?  Torquay, VIC


Who works in the business with you? My business partner Kelli, a Columbian chick Laura and a gorgeous wellness guru who studies nutrition.


Does your business donate any money to charities?


YES – 10 % of our profit goes to Anja Loven, a danish girl who started an orphanage in Africa and was made world famous when her photo circulated the web of her giving some biscuits to a very malnourished child she found on the street. She has touched my heart and many others and is just an incredible woman well worth donating too.


Is your packaging biodegradable or is there any way that purchasing your product will help the earth or our society in any extra way?


For as much as possible I always use recyclable containers, jars and packaging.


Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while in business or an unusually funny moment?


Most memorable moments are the times I have seen babies and adults before and after photos suffering from eczema, psoriasis and other. There are no better awards or accomplishment than seeing how I have helped others with their skin conditions.




We adore your packaging and branding! Tell us what inspires your creative direction?


 I wanted something that never goes out of style so I knew that black and white were the colours for me – I label all my products myself, so the authenticity and craftsmanship is often shown on the products as all my products are carefully handcrafted and packaged.




Do you have any exciting new projects for the near future that you can share with us?


We have finally opened our first shop in Torquay but I am sure it will not be our last – as we continue to create more products and we also continue to grow and gain more knowledge. There will always be more new products and hopefully more shops!


Any plans ahead or new products you would like to share with us?


My facial kits will be on the market soon as well as my latte boxes containing a small jar of each of my 6 lattes!


From Earth is definitely a brand that you’d want to incorporate into your daily routine. Love Thyself has partnered with From Earth because we are impressed and definitely amazed with the efficacy of their products.

If you’d like to try them out yourself, here are some noteworthy products for you:

From Earth – Organic Muscle Relaxant Body Butter 120ml


From Earth – Himalayan Signature Body Scrub


From Earth – Organic Chamomile Soothing Face Mask 30g

Image of From Earth – Organic Chamomile Soothing Face Mask 30g by Love Thyself Australia

From Earth – Organic Healing Hemp Oil with Marshmallow Root 30ml


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