Foot Care

Letting your feet relax in a warm water releases lots of stress, improves blood circulation and have health benefits than one can imagine. There is a need for us to pamper and take care of them. We use our feet every day and that gives us more reasons to spend extra time to keep them strong and healthy. Taking at least 15 minutes each day makes a lot of difference. After all the strenuous activities like walking, running, and standing, we must find out what can we do to make our feet healthy and happy at the same time.


For Blood Circulation

A combination of foot massage and footbath is a perfect match. No one can argue that fact. Our blood circulation should be normal at all times. At times, we rarely notice that our blood cells are not circulating well, therefore, it needs a boost. Footbath regulates the blood flow that only happens when relief is felt by our muscles and reduces stress. Doing this will surely prevent you from getting sick in most cases. Try doing it at least 5 times a week, see the difference it makes.



Healing Ability on Certain Diseases and Illnesses

Foot soak has the wonder of reducing body pains aside from the feet. It has been proven that as simple ailments as migraine, toothaches up to serious illnesses like liver and prostate problems can be treated by doing this routine.

Cough, chills , rheumatic diseases and chest congestion may also be prevented from getting worse and when we do this regularly.


Say Goodbye to Toxins

Mineral and salts can be found in each foot soak believed to have the detoxifying effects. It has the ability to attract the unwanted toxins from our body. Though there were disputes about that effect, most consumers have testimonials that it has a lot of benefits rather than side effects.


Reduces Tension and Anxiety

Footbath may be so simple yet being able to decrease or remove tension, agitation and anxiety is immediately felt because you will have the feeling of tenderness and soon enough, you will realise that all your worries are gone.


Beautiful Feet

How many times do we have to spend in a salon to get a foot spa and foot massage? At home, you do not need to spend extra money to get those gorgeous feet. In fact, it is just quick and easy! You simply need to soak your feet in warm water. It reduces dry skin, eliminates calluses and best of all, it will make your skin softer. Ask yourself again. Do I really need help from salon experts? No, you do not.



Goodbye, Stress

Footbath connects our body to nature. The moment your foot is soaked, the feeling is unreal. It easily calms our mind and there is a quick outburst of pleasure. It improves our ability to be creative, improve our habits- like sleep and work. If you want to escape the concrete jungles and would like to ease your mind, you seriously have to do this.


Fighting Fatigue

What do you do if you feel stressed out? Do you shout? Do you talk to your friends and rant? Or do you just keep it to yourself? Aside from taking multiple supplements in order to feel energised and calm, you may sprinkle Epsom salt when you soak your feet. It has been proven that this has the ability to replenish our required level of magnesium. It has multiple benefits- lowers the blood pressure, increases both stamina and energy, contributes better sleeping habits. The best part is, it has natural ability to beat foul smell of your feet and fungus.


Healing Power

As we all know, we cannot do our routines without standing firmly with the help of our feet. Which means it is connected to our entire body that we must nurture and pamper it as often as we can. Each benefit was discussed above to put emphasis on footbath. We probably disregard little things we get out of it but the outcome is just beautiful. It is a part of our body that needs attention and complete care. Without it, we cannot maximise our full potential to the society and be more productive to serve the next generation.


To get start in giving your feet a healthy and happy experience, here are natural products you may be interested in:


Organic Rosehip Skincare – Organic Magnesium Bath Crystal Scrub 500ml


Thermae Beauty – Mrs. Pelagronium Dead Sea Bath Salt 145g


Mint & Green Clay- Body & Foot Scrub



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