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Everyone dreams of waking up in the morning with a worry-free lifestyle. We always think of ideas to save the environment and contribute through our own little ways. Well, those thoughts might just be the key to start switching to products which have a genuine concern to our nature. Just imagine the amount of wastes that go in that bin if we are not able to lessen and eventually eliminate the use of plastics as wraps. Then, it is time to change the game this time around.


Beeswax wrap is made of organic cotton, beeswax ingredient as well as a tree resin that somehow improves the natural scent, when combined. It is mainly used as a wrap for food instead of plastic.


Why Choose Beeswax Wraps Instead of Plastic?

Replacing your usual habit might be a little bit difficult at first, but if you look at the long term effects of it. It is worth your money and effort. Below are just a few significant reasons:


Reusable.  As long as you know how to maintain and properly clean the beeswax, it may last for almost a year. There are easy instructions on how to do it, and it does not even cost a penny to rejuvenate the original state of it.


Organic Materials. Recently, researchers have proven that using organic ingredients reduce harmful effects to our body and the nature as well. Getting a product will certainly deliver its promise because of its natural abilities, not artificial which will not last a long time. In fact, you may even use the worn-out material to ignite a fire as its last purpose!


Safe to Use. We must be careful in choosing wraps, which touches our food. This is absolutely a threat to our health and budget, too. This is why beeswax wraps are designed not just to be stylish but to prevent us from risk of diseases whenever we use plastic wraps.


On the other hand, to be honest, there are challenges when you start using the Beeswax Wraps. For instance, the cost- the price may not be that affordable like the ordinary wraps, but if you look at the long term usage, it will save you money. In taking care of the product, it will require you some time to ensure that the performance and durability stay the same. Transparency wise, unlike plastic wraps, you have the ability to see the food inside, with beeswax wraps, you would need to organize it for you to be reminded the type of food you are keeping. And lastly, this wrap is not meant to be used on meat and seafood. However, if you insist to use it, you may place the meat inside a container and use the beeswax as a cover to it.


The Beeswax Wraps come in different sizes, depending on the food you are storing.


Whenever we have the ability to choose which products to use, we must consider minute details which have a huge impact at the end of the day, Is it the cost? Is it the durability? Is it eco-friendly? Will it do good for me and the society? Then, it’s a wrap. Beeswax Wrap.

If you want to purchase beeswax wrap, we offer several options to keep your food safe and fresh. Check out our options below:

Beeutiful – 3 Pack Beeswax Food Wraps | Beginners

Beeutiful – Beeswax Food Wrap | 2 x Small

Beeutiful – Beeswax Food Wrap | 2 x Large

Beeutiful – 4 Pack Beeswax Food Wraps | The Beeutiful Set


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