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spirulina-powder-During the previous decade, there has been a boom in the health and wellness industry. According to recent data, from a few million dollars, the industry has grown by billions in the last 15 years, and it is still growing at a fast pace.

How did this happen?

According to research, this immense growth in the health industry is the result of better information dissemination, thanks to the Internet. With the access to the World Wide Web, more people are becoming informed on how they can prevent illnesses and other conditions even at an early age. As a result, they eat right, go to the gym and enjoy a healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis.

This was not possible in the past. Most of the time, individuals were afraid to visit their physician and instead resort to non-prescribed self-medication. But today, people have a better understanding that illnesses do no just come out of nowhere; they appear due to certain health issues that are often ignored.

So basically, it is just a matter of ‘prevention is better than cure’ philosophy. People nowadays already understand what they will go through later in life if they don’t check the food they eat and the things they do. That is why they are doing the necessary steps to achieve a clean, toxin-free, and healthy body.

Now, do you want to do the same and achieve a healthy body that is free from diseases, toxins, or free radicals? If yes, then you should definitely consider getting a spirulina detox to cleanse your entire system.

What you need to know about spirulina

Contrary to what most people believe, spirulina is not an herbal or medicinal plant. It is much simpler than that – a one-celled organism called blue-green algae. The spirulina organism borrowed its name from Latin that means ‘spiral’ or ‘helix’ due to its spiral shape.

Bearing the scientific name Arthrospira platensis, the spirulina algae thrives in most weather conditions, even extreme ones, which explains how it survived for thousands of years. Together with other forms of algae, spirulina is believed to be responsible for producing the oxygen in the atmosphere that made life possible on earth.

According to research, organic spirulina powder was rediscovered in the 1950s in Lake Texcoco, where the natives used it as ingredient to their cakes. Scientists then found out about its revolutionary health benefits to the human body that no other herbal medicine can offer. By the 1970s, commercialisation of the algae began after a French company began a spirulina production plant. In the next few years, countries like Japan and the United States already had their own production plants.

After a few decades in the market, a large number of people from all over the world have been convinced that there are indeed spirulina health benefits, one of which is body detoxification.

Spirulina detox – how is it possible?

The human body is composed of various systems that have specific functions to keep the body up and running. It also has its own ‘waste management’ system called the endocrine system, which helps flush out toxins, free radicals and other waste materials from the body.

Unfortunately, there are instances wherein these systems are incapable of doing their job probably because of the vast amount of toxins and waste in a person’s body. When this happens, the individual badly needs another way for detoxification.

Spirulina has natural characteristics that make it an ideal way to detox. As algae, spirulina has high concentrations of chlorophyll, the substance found in leaves that allow them to make food for the entire plant. But aside from allowing leaves to produce their own food, chlorophyll is also a known detoxifying agent. The chlorophyll in spirulina powder can help take out harmful toxins from the blood, which may cause certain illnesses, especially concerning the kidneys if not checked.

Are there other spirulina health benefits?

If you thought spirulina is only effective for detoxification, then you are terribly mistaken. This blue-green algae species would not be called ‘superfood’ for nothing.

Below are some of the proven benefits and effects of organic spirulina powder. If you are experiencing some health issues, or you have concerns about your bodily functions, then these points may help you.

  • Boosts the immune system – Spirulina improves cell regeneration and helps wounds heal faster. As a result, the person can recover from illnesses faster as well. The algae also strengthen the immune system to prevent people from contracting illnesses easily.
  • Put allergies under control – Do you have a problem with allergies? Do these allergies often become a hindrance for you to enjoy life’s joys and adventures? If your answer is yes then spirulina can help you live a normal life. You don’t have to depend on over-the-counter antihistamine drugs anymore.
  • Regulates blood pressure – The Department of Biochemistry in Mexico revealed that an intake of 4.5 grams of spirulina each day can balance the blood pressure of people ages 18-65 years old. Additionally, this supplement should be taken while engaging in other habits such as eating healthy, and exercising regularly.
  • Keeps cholesterol at normal levels – The sad reality today is that millions of people around the world take prescription drugs just to lower their cholesterol levels, when in fact these same drugs pose health risks. Research shows that statin drugs could lead to side effects such as anemia, sexual dysfunction, cataracts, increased risk of cancer, and others. With the help of spirulina, you can keep your cholesterol levels down without the harmful side effects.
  • Helps prevent serious diseases and conditions – Based on research, a regular intake of spirulina can protect the brain from stroke, wherein blood flow in the brain is halted due to clogged blood vessels. Additionally, the algae can also help reduce risks of cancer, particularly breast cancer among women. Of course, it is best to pair spirulina intake with a proper diet – no sugars, grains, fructose, and processed foods.
  • Assists in keeping eyes healthy – Blue-green algae naturally have high concentrations of vitamin A. In fact, compared to carrots, which have been the staple vitamin A booster for the longest time, spirulina has 10 times more.
  • Lowers inflammation – Scientific studies show that spirulina is one of the top sources of Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is among the best known anti-inflammatory agents in the world.

Believe it or not, this is still an incomplete list. It is interesting to point out that even today, experts are astonished that they have not yet discovered all of the spirulina powder benefits even after all these decades of research.

Introducing…the spirulina supplement

Another amazing fact about the spirulina powder is that it is very rich in protein. How rich, you may ask? Studies show that it has more protein than red meat, such as beef. According to research, meat products have around 22 percent of complete protein, while lentils, nuts and beans have 26 percent. Not bad, isn’t?

On the other hand, spirulina has an outstanding 65-71 percent of complete protein. So if you are someone who wants to boost your muscle mass, or you are a certified vegetarian, taking spirulina is actually a better alternative than meat.

Because of these characteristics of spirulina, the algae has now been commercialised and advertised as a food supplement. Just check some health and wellness stores, or even pharmacies in your area and you will see that there are spirulina supplement tablets and capsules for people who want an instant energy and nutritional boost.

Spirulina: The superfood that can change your life

Now that you are perfectly aware of the many outstanding benefits of spirulina, and how it can help you improve your health and prevent diseases, you may now be asking where to buy spirulina. The great news is that large-scale production of the blue-green algae is already booming, which means supply of the product can meet the demands of consumers like you.

However, there are some important points you have to consider before getting any spirulina tablet or supplement. First, you should check the store if it is a trusted shop of health products. Whether it is an online or physical store, make sure it is not only licensed, but is also a reputable source of health and wellness products.

Second, you should also examine the product itself. Does it have a certification or approval from the manufacturer’s country of origin? Does it have a quality seal or anything similar to certify that it is indeed spirulina? You have to make sure you don’t get bogus products because these would not have any effect at all.

Spirulina powder is certainly nature’s gift to mankind. No one can explain how such a simple life form can be the source of almost all of the nutrients and benefits that a person needs in order to live. It is superfood in the literal sense.


Unfortunately, there are still people who choose not to believe. If you remain skeptical that a food source such as spirulina exists, it would be your loss.


  1. Isaac Tedbury 3 years ago

    I’ve been taking spirulina powder since 2014 and it has completely enhanced my quality of life making me feel more energetic and happy than ever. I recommend it with all my heart!

  2. Gabrielle Flower 3 years ago

    My husband and I loved spirulina powder. We normally start our day with a glass of it or include it into our meals. The best supplement if you want to improve your immune system and feel more active.

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