organic_aracha_matchaToday, we will look at the detailed and comprehensive study on how matcha improve workout performance. Using this Infographic information you’ll be able to see the benefits of matcha for physical training performance.

  1. Caffeine Increases Energy Level – Caffeine in matcha enhances physical and mental energy by releasing neurotransmitter catecholamines. It also increases blood delivery and fuels muscles for exercises.
  2. L-Theanine Improves Concentration and Energy Level – L-theanine enhances focus and mental stamina to get through a tough training. It also works with caffeine which reduces the effect of energy crash, jittery or anxiety from caffeine. This helps energy level and concentration last for 4-6 hours.
  3. Catechin Reduces Carbs Depletion – Catechins reduces depletion of stored carbs in body. This stored source of energy is used for body recovery during resting time.
  4. Catechins Helps Burn Fat – Catechins promotes using fat instead of carbs for energy during intensive training activity. EGCG, catechins from matcha increases fat burning by 17% which helps your body looks firm and toned up.
  5. Catechins Aids Carbs Absorption – Studies showed that caffeine enhances absorption and usage of extra carbs much more efficiently. It reduces the use of stored carbs, thus prevents the risk of fatigue and prolongs endurance.
  6. Catechins Lowers Lactate in Muscles – Lactate accumulates during physical activity which leads to fatigue and oxidative stress in muscles. It helps immune system reduce oxidative stress, which repairs muscles for the long run.
  7. Catechins Enhances Oxygen Intake – Catechins is found to increase the rate of oxygen consumption by muscles during exercise. It helps muscles function and endure high stress, which boost the training endurance.

Though there is issue about the effect of catechins in our body, we can recognise that matcha gives several benefits to enhance workout performance from various scientific studies.

Source: Kenko Tea




  1. Kate 3 years ago

    I’ve been drinking matcha for years now and my mental alertness and clarity was improved, got stronger immune system and better bowel movements.

  2. Sandra 3 years ago

    I’m not a tea lover before but when I tried this matcha and see how it improves my weight! It becomes my daily drink and fitness partner.

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