What Is A Menstrual Cup And How It Can Change Your Period Experience

What Is A Menstrual Cup And How It Can Change Your Period Experience


For women, better period experience matters a whole lot, especially when you want to feel and look your best on any given day.

The negative experience of leaking due to overextended sanitary pads and tampons may seem a laughing matter when we were younger but once we mature, we will soon realise that a better period experience is as important as wearing a trusty sweater on a cold day.

This is why a female menstrual cup is necessary to ensure good period protection and experience.

What is a Menstrual Cup?

Image of ICare Menstrual Cup by Love Thyself AustraliaMany women are still hooked on traditional period protection such as tampons and sanitary pads because for years we thought these were the only option we have to protect ourselves from leaking during our period.

Little did we know that a great variety of menstrual cup brands are now available in the market which gives us women the convenience to choose which of these would suit our body best.

A female menstrual cup is commonly made of flexible latex rubber or silicone that collects your flow instead of absorbing it like what happens when you use tampons and sanitary pads.

It is typically eco-friendly, reusable, user-friendly and safe to use. It helps a lot with the environment as you need not stack many sanitary pads and tampons every time you have your period.

Some are made of medical grade silicone which is a safer and healthier option such as the iCare and Anytime menstrual cups.

How to insert a Menstrual Cup?

Once you feel that you are having your period, insert the cup by folding it. After which, it will spring open and there may be a need for you to rotate it until it rests comfortably on the vaginal walls.

It will collect your flow for up to twelve hours which allows you convenience and peace of mind as you don’t have to watch your period from time to time and hurry to the nearest restroom to replace your tampon.

It may take some practice inserting the menstrual cup but you don’t worry. Once you have found the perfect fit for your body type then you are all set.

Do you truly have better period experience with a female menstrual cup?

This is true indeed as most of the women who have used them have been impressed and have vouched for it. The duration of up to twelve hours of worry-free and hygienic period protection is definitely worth it.

Where to buy Menstrual Cup?

Love Thyself is your partner in finding the best safe and healthy period protection products. You can purchase Anytime or iCare Menstrual Cups as these are the top brands that are well reviewed in the market today.

These menstrual cups can last you a very long time so long as you keep them clean, well maintained and stored properly.

So, choose any of these brands which fit with your body well and you are in for a comfortable period experience than ever before.

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  1. I currently owned 3 of them and each cup is perfect in ways of quality and size. I love how they make periods more manageable for me!

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