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What Beginners Need To Know About Menstrual Cups article by Love Thyself

Women often feel overly conscious and uncomfortable during their period even while wearing the best sanitary napkins or tampons available. But with the continuing popularity of menstrual cups, these moments of insecurity can be well behind you. Menstrual cups are considered the best solution to boost women’s confidence during their period. This is due to the many benefits and advantages it offers that cannot be experienced whilst using traditional tampons and disposable pads.

What you’ll discover from Menstrual Cup Reviews?

The menstrual cup comparison with traditional period protection is more advanced, beneficial, environmentally-friendly and economical to women who have chosen to switch from the traditional feminine pads and tampons. The fact that it is reusable and cost-effective is something that attracts any woman who wants a better period experience. Sanitary pads only last no more than 2 hours mostly whilst menstrual cups can last up to 12 hours.

Imagine the convenience and comfort you experience without having to change every now and then. I know the feeling, just like most women when you can’t help but have frequent visits to the restroom. Women who are not familiar with how to use a menstrual cup overcome this uncertainty after figuring out how to position the cup correctly. Leaking only happens when it is inserted incorrectly or when you’ve chosen a cup that doesn’t suit your body type, which is another factor to consider when you’d like to find the best menstrual cup for beginners.

How to find the Best Menstrual Cup for Beginners?

If you are a beginner and have no idea what type of menstrual cup to purchase, then keep reading as you will find that the information we provide will be helpful in finding the best menstrual cup for beginners.

  1. Choose a type that suits you. Many well-known brands manufacture two types of menstrual cups. Smaller-sized cups are suitable for women under thirty and who have never given birth, whilst larger-sized ones are recommended for women above thirty and have given birth. But there are some instances when a woman has strong pelvic muscles due to an active lifestyle which makes their body more suitable for smaller sizes.
  2. Discover how high your cervix sits. This question may seem odd but determining how high your cervix sits can help you decide the type of menstrual cup. For women with a higher cervix, a menstrual cup that is longer is recommended; for those with an average cervix, most length will work and for those with a low cervix, a shorter cup will work best for you.
  3. Gauge how heavy your regular flow is. If you have a heavy flow decide on one that accommodates a higher capacity. If you’re not sure, there’s an advantage if you choose a higher capacity cup because this means you don’t have to empty it as often.

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At first, finding the perfect cup to fit your body type seems complicated. More often women purchase several cups before finally settling on a type that suits them. Now, go and find the type that suits you as these three simple steps will surely help guide you in making a well-thought-out decision.


  1. Emily Gairdner 1 year ago

    My life has changed completely since I’ve started using menstrual cups. My relationship with my cycle is totally different now, I actually enjoy my periods at first it was a little rocky but I was able to finally learn the trick.

  2. Charli Kelliher 1 year ago

    I just recently discovered menstrual cups and so far I loved how it works for me compare to tampons. Definitely a must have!

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