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The Number 1 Reason Why You Will Want to Buy a Menstrual Cup image by Love Thy Self


Womens period cycleAre you a woman who:

  • Likes doing Yoga, Dancing or Pilates
  • Trains like Crazy at her Local Gym
  • Are you a Keen Runner
  • Love Swimming
  • Or Perhaps like Me you’ve had a Baby or 3

There are many benefits to changing to a menstrual cup such as cost savings, longer protection, reduced risk of toxic shock syndrome and less plastic and packaging to add to our landfills. But in my mind this one tops them all.


Because this problem affects almost 30% of all women and increases significantly as we age. You see I discovered something amazing about using these little silicone cups:

I Can Jump and Down…..I Can Dance like No-one is Watching….I Can Run like the Wind


And pee does not dribble down my leg!!

Yes, that’s right my Sisters, I’m talking about the embarrassment of incontinence.


But Not Anymore…

The cup exerts slight pressure on your Urethra (the tube your urine passes through from your bladder) closing it off slightly. This means less chance of stress incontinence happening. i.e. not leaking when you move, cough or sneeze. Apparently some women have a little difficulty urinating in the beginning until they get used to wearing the cup. Great!! I say. That is never going to be a problem for me with my leaky plumbing. Of course our bodies are all different and not everyone will experience the same results as I have, but really, isn’t it worth a try. If my results are so good then chances are yours will be too.

If someone had told me before my big health retreat holiday which included lots of dancing, yoga and exercise classes that for less than $30.00 I could have been saved from the humiliation I endured that week I would have mowed them down in the rush to buy it.


Did You Pick Up On What I Said Just Then…

Yes, even when I don’t have my period I sometimes use my menstrual cup! I might want to do a double class and know I can’t hold on for that long. Sometimes when I run in a group I don’t want to be that person who has to stop for a toilet break. It helps me save embarrassment until I can get this problem fixed.


And Speaking of Fixing the Problem…

For goodness sake PLEASE keep doing your kegels like your life depends upon it, your dignity probably does. Nothing short of surgery is going to help you as much as strong pelvic floor muscles. Menstrual cups are certainly not designed for everyday permanent use and they certainly do not solve the problem of incontinence BUT for a lot of women they certainly do help A LOT!! Besides being a godsend for exercising when I’m menstruating they are a much loved hidden little helper for those times when I really need it.


Make Mother Earth Smile…

By doing your bit to reduce landfill and I truly hope you get the same wonderful results I have. In fact, I would LOVE to know how you go. If you experience similar results to me, please let’s get this information out there to all our Suffering Sisters. Any help at all with managing the symptoms of this awful problem is worth knowing about.


Send me a Groovy Photo of Yourself…

Doing the thing you love to do with the Biggest or Craziest smile on your face because you’re feeling a confidence you haven’t felt for a long while. Let’s have some fun with this!!


Looking forward to seeing all your amazing pics!

In Love and Light

Deborah x


Below is the link for the menstrual cups.


This is the link to Instagram for your Supercool, Funny, Rockstar Photos.




  1. Marianne 3 years ago

    I have an upcoming trip but my period came. I was so concerned that I can’t even swim coz no one would wear tampons while on their swimsuit. Then my friend told me about this menstrual cups, at first I was hesitant but once you get the hang of it you’ll definitely enjoy its benefits.

  2. Tracy 3 years ago

    At first, it sounds so weird and medieval but menstrual cup has changed my menstrual cycle forever. They are the best alternative to tampons and pads.

  3. Lucille 3 years ago

    I love this product it’s such a game changer! I had absolutely no issues putting this in and it was immediately comfortable and what I loved about menstrual cups I had zero leakage.

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