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From Grossed Out to In Love – Why I changed to Menstrual Cups image by Love Thyself


So we started stocking Menstrual Cups, and for months I couldn’t put myself up to giving it a go.

What is a menstrual cup? It is essentially a re-usable silicon cup shaped device that gets inserted similar to a tampon. Instead of absorbing however, it collects the menstrual fluid in the cup, to be poured out, then rinsed, and reused.


Now I’m not one that’s scared of blood, but the thought of that just freaked me out a little,, kinda like the Psycho movie shower scent… I don’t want to see it! Some of you might not be phased by it but that’s just me.

After toying with the idea for a while, I thought that I have to give it a go. How can we sell and endorse something I haven’t even tried myself? I waited until things were a bit lighter, we had a quieter day in the office, and decided to take the plunge.

The results, I had a whole day with not having to change a pad/tampon and no leakage! In short, it was awesome. You can wear this thing for the whole day and not worry. And no more buying any sanitary products! Big money saver!

For anyone that wants some of the finer details (not for the faint hearted):

My first hurdle – what size to get?! No, you don’t need to measure your vag. 🙂 The general rule is small if under 30 with no kids, and large if over 30 or with kids. I’m exactly 30 with no kids, didn’t like the idea of being large, so decided to go with the small (in denial? maybe).

SecoImage of ICare Menstrual Cup by Love Thyself Australiand hurdle – what do I do with it?! Good ol instructions, simply fold and insert – a lot easier than I was expecting actually. Just make sure you have it up high enough (it’s not very comfortable otherwise, trust me!).

Third hurdle – now that I had it in there, the day was over, how do I get it out without grossing myself out too much, fainting, hitting my head and creating even more of a bloody mess. Apparently you need to break the suction seal before removing (don’t forget ladies).

To be honest, it really wasn’t as scary or gross as I had anticipated. Once you get used to it, it’s very comfortable, saves money, and it means that I only have to deal with my period twice a day – once in the morning, and then at night. And that’s it. You can use it for 12 hours!! 12 hours ladies!!!    

That’s it, I’m a convert for life.



  1. Amelia 2 years ago

    The first time I’ve tried menstrual cup, I was very nervous and did a lot of research before using them. But now it feels like I forgot I had my period at all!

  2. Hayley Tulk 2 years ago

    I just started my journey in using this eco-friendly cups and it takes a few months to get use to them. Menstrual cups really made my periods a lot more comfortable.

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