Why You Should Try Eco Tan For A Safe And Long-Lasting Fake Tan
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Why You Should Try Eco Tan For A Safe And Long-Lasting Fake Tan article image by Love Thyself

Looking a bit paler than usual? Don’t you just love to get a golden glow once in a while but don’t have the time to? Self-tanning is definitely the most convenient and cost-effective solution to achieve a golden bronze especially when you don’t have the time to spend hours at the beach.  This is also called self-tanning or bronzing which you can do in the comfort of your home. You probably heard of the mishaps some people experience while bronzing but if you do it the right way, you can actually step out of your home with a beautiful bronze tan that people will definitely admire.

Is Sunless Tanning a better option than the traditional tanning method?

Yes, it is not only a better option, it’s also safer. Skin Cancer is a good reason to stay away from traditional tanning where too much sun exposure could put your skin and health in danger from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Other methods such as the use of tanning lamps are also considered dangerous since it may cause cell damage. UV radiation is one of the primary factors that speed up ageing so it’s a good idea to stay away from methods that involve exposing your skin underneath the sun’s glare. You shouldn’t risk your health and well-being just to achieve a beautiful bronzed glow.

Are Eco Tan products a good option for self-tanning?

Once you have decided to try self-tanning, it is necessary to determine what product you’ll be using. Now, there are probably tons of bronzing products available on the market today but a range of products that we’re happy and excited to recommend are the ones from Eco Tan. Eco Tan is not your average or typical bronzing lotion, the company is concerned about helping you achieve a glowing tan without the use of synthetic and artificial dyes as ingredients. Yes, you heard us right! Definitely no nasties! This company supplies certified organic and natural self-tanning lotions and sprays to ensure your skin and health are in good hands. They’re also Australia’s first ever tanning range to receive certification from the Organic Food Chain Australia. And as if this is not enough, Safe Cosmetics also approved them Certified Toxic Free.

So, what ingredients do Eco Tan products contain?

Eco Tan’s tanning range is formulated with Certified Organic ingredients including Aloe Vera, Cacao and Caramel. Cacao is an essential ingredient in bronzing lotions or creams because of its nourishing properties making your skin smooth and flake-free. Aloe Vera is another ingredient that makes this range awesome. Its benefits are truly something any woman would want in a tanning product which includes compounds that help stimulate our collagen-producing cells. Collagen production is vital in maintaining our skin’s firmness and elasticity. Since ageing is an inevitable factor that allows for the decline of collagen production, Aloe Vera helps slow down the ageing process keeping your skin younger and firm. Caramel is an ingredient that is used as a colourant. It is safe on the skin and gives you a natural bronzed look after application.

What Eco Tan tanning range products you definitely must try?

The first and best selling sunless tanner is the Invisible Tan, this cruelty-free and vegan-friendly lotion gives your skin a naturally believable and gorgeous bronzed look. As with other products in this range, no synthetic and artificial ingredients were used to create this Holy Grail in sunless tanning. If you prefer a product that gives you the golden bronzed look after one application, then this is the product for you. It was awarded 2017 Best Self Tanner as well as 2016 Natural Tanning Winner by Natural Health International Beauty Awards UK.

The Eco Tan Winter Skin is a fool-proof tanning lotion that gives your skin a gradual bronzing effect. You can build on your tan, just the way you like it with no preservatives and synthetic ingredients to bat. This too contains Certified Organic plant-based ingredients that not only give your skin a glowing bronzed look but also serves as a nourishing moisturiser. It contains rose geranium which gives it a pleasant scent, unlike typical tanners that smell odd and unnatural. So, if you want to get tanned the easy and affordable way, even though your skin is as pale as snow, the Eco Tan Winter Skin is your absolute ticket!

An Eco Tan spray tan which is the Cacao Tanning Mousse glides effortlessly on your skin and after one application gives you a deeper golden bronzed look without the need for UV radiation. It’s an easy and fast application; others will think you just stepped out from the beach somewhere because of the amazing sun-kissed glow.

What do consumers say in Eco Tan reviews?

People who have tried any of Eco Tan’s tanning range are in awe of how effective the products are. Indeed, the Natural and Certified Organic alternative to traditional methods is perfected by these products. They’re affordable, safe and absolutely work! These sunless tanners are a must-have for people who truly care about their skin and well-being. It is not enough to purchase a product that gives you a beautiful tan but contains synthetic dyes and other nasties that are definitely not safe for your skin. With Natural and Certified Organic ingredients derived only from plant-based sources, you can expect outstanding results from these products. After all, Eco Tan reviews don’t lie.


Here are some Self-Tanning tips if you’re doing your very first application:

  1. Some self-bronzing lotions make you smell weird that make you wonder if it was worth the trouble. This is due to chemicals and artificial ingredients added to the products that are unhealthy and unsafe. Eco Tan’s self-tanners are different of course, with plant-based ingredients that are Natural and Certified Organic you can’t expect anything less from their range.


  1. Self-tanning means you need to exfoliate your face and body entirely well and if you happen to have no time to do this, then you may want to do it some other time. The reason for this is due to your skin looking spotty if you fail to exfoliate thoroughly. Also, keep in mind that after bronzing, you won’t be able to exfoliate or you might as well scrub your skin free from the bronzing lotion and start again. Same goes for waxing or shaving, you must do this at least 24 hours before or you’ll end up with a rough surface during application.


  1. Water is considered your enemy after bronzing so you have to avoid it as much as possible especially during the first 8 hours after application for your faux tan to last longer. Eco Tan Invisible Tan, Eco Tan Winter Skin and the Cacao Tanning Mousse are long-lasting bronzing lotions and sprays, however, it’s still recommended to avoid water. After 8 to 10 hours, the tan will be difficult to remove from your skin so you really want to make sure you get the first steps of the application correctly to avoid mishaps.


  1. Bronzing at home has its challenges including applying the lotion or spray on hard to reach areas like your back, you may want to ask your partner or close confidant to help you, though it may be embarrassing at first, the results will be more even application and worth it if you have someone to help you accomplish your dream golden bronzed look.


  1. If you’re doing the application at home or at a salon, make sure to wear something that is loose and comfortable so it’s easier to apply Eco Tan Invisible Tan or whichever Eco Tan product you prefer. The awesome thing about these products is that they don’t leave brown streaks on your clothes or sheets which is incredible for tanning products.


  1. Use the tanning mitt or gloves that typically come with the product or your hands will be covered with the product and it’ll be hard to remove. You will also be able to apply the lotion more evenly if you wear bronzing gloves.


  1. Make sure to avoid residue on the floor because stepping on it will make the bottom of your feet look funny once you’re out at the beach. So not cool.


  1. Now that you have your golden bronze, you realise your makeup no longer matches your skin tone. If you’re sure you’ll do self-tanning again, make sure to have a foundation that matches your fake tan.

Applying your very first fake tan may seem complicated and intimidating but if you follow these steps, we’re pretty sure you’ve got this all covered and plus, using the right products to help you achieve your dream tan makes this all easy.

Using Eco Tan products makes a whole lot of difference when you’re applying your first tan. It’s safe, effective and long lasting compared to its competitors. Purchase any of their products here at Love Thyself so you’ll have a beautiful sun-kissed glow worthy of your beauty!

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  1. Stephanie Bell 2 years ago

    I’ve experienced horrible reaction to several fake tans in the market, including those expensive ones. Eco tan is so different from them, it’s gentle on my skin, leaving it moisturised and I find it a bit light with no reaction at all.

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