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Is Eco Tan Spray Tan Better Than Professional Tanning Solutions article by Love Thyself

Does your skin badly need a natural tan? Sure, it may seem like a simple thing to get the best tan, however, one must decide to ask the help of a professional or perform the tanning themselves to achieve a glorious and beautiful golden bronze. There are two most common options when you want your skin to appear sun-kissed. One is through Professional tanning and the other is through Self-tanning. Both options are pretty understandable, you are probably familiar with these terms as they are commonly used by women who have developed a liking to tanning solutions.

Should you choose Professional Spray Tan or Self-Tanning with Eco Tan Spray Tan?

The decision whether to choose professional tanning or self-tanning depends on your circumstances and preference. Some people prefer professional tanning due to time constraints. It is also less of a hassle considering you only need to show up at an appointment and stand in front of the professional tanner who will give instructions on what to do to apply a tanning solution to every corner of your body. The challenge here is that you may have to do several awkward positions so all corners are covered. Obviously, it is pretty awkward at first to stand in front of a stranger and most of the time without clothes on to ensure flawless and streak-free tan.

However, professional tanning is not at all that bad after you have tried it several times. Most professional tanners are furnished with a plethora of interactive skills that will help you feel at ease whilst the tanning procedure is in progress. Plus, it is convenient and you are being accommodated by a professional who has done the process countless times. This procedure saves you time and gives you more time to relax instead of worrying about what spray tan products to use.

The second option which is to facilitate your own tan through the use of a natural spray tan or organic spray tan at the convenience of your home. With this option, you will need to familiarise and do your homework in researching what spray tan products would be suitable for your skin and preferences. The advantage with this is that you can choose to try all the products you want and then, finally settle on a hopefully natural spray tan that gives your skin the beautiful golden bronze and radiance you desire for your skin.

Indeed, it is an advantage to choose a product that suits well on your skin and gives you a natural tan without damaging your skin with nasty chemicals.  Several self-tanning products such as the Eco Tan Spray Tan are a worthy option to consider as it is formulated with only natural and organic ingredients and no artificial nasties like parabens, GMOs and toxins. To choose a product that is healthy and safe for your skin would be a wise decision. Of course, self-tanning is an option that would suit those with free time to perform the tanning at home.

If you are unfamiliar with the steps on how to do self-tanning, feel free to read my previous article entitled “Why You Should Try Eco Tan For A Safe And Long-Lasting Fake Tan.” This article will guide you in knowing the basics before you start doing your first self-tanning solution. Good luck!


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  1. Victoria Wolseley 1 year ago

    I’ve been using this on my face & body for over 2 years. It’s very light, non greasy, it feels like you’re spraying water on your face.

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