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Gradual Tanning With Eco Tan Winter Skin article image by Love Thyself

Over the years, self-tanning has become a go-to solution for women who prefer an easier, safer and inexpensive alternative to tanning. No more harmful sun rays that may contribute to ageing and pigmentation. The Eco Tan Winter Skin is a natural, sunless self-tanner that gives you a beautiful combination of chocolate and honey coloured radiance in 3 to 4 applications. Although, most women opt for an instant tan, however, those with fair to medium skin tones may want to consider a safer and more efficient way to achieve a gorgeous golden bronze. This is where the Eco Tan Winter Skin stands out from the rest of the self-tanners.

This gradual tanning moisturiser is an absolute delight for women with fair to medium skin tones due to its fool-proof ability to build your tan gradually until you achieve the perfect bronze glow that your heart desires. Unlike any other tanning lotion in Australia that creates immediate tan or deep bronze effect, Eco Tan Winter Skin allows you to gauge the deepness of the tanning effect to achieve a natural and flawless colour that you prefer.

The natural ingredients found in this healthy self-tanner are another advantage for choosing this over other self-tanners that may contain harmful synthetic ingredients. The continued use of tanning products that contain artificial or synthetic ingredients may harm your skin in the long haul, so it’s always better to choose products that are derived from natural and organic ingredients.

Eco Tan Winter Tan contains a luxurious blend of natural and organic cacao, rose geranium and grape seed extract to create a perfect golden bronze effect whilst nourishing the skin. It serves as a moisturiser as well, so you need not apply any which can affect the staying power of your tan. You’ll feel more at ease knowing that this self-tanner have set standards based on the Australian Organic and Bio-Dynamic Department.

In case you’d like to find out more about this gradual tanning moisturiser, an Eco Tan Winter Skin review may help you take that first step to trying out this amazing self-tanner. Based on several consumers who have been swept off their feet by the efficacy of this product, you will notice a smooth and streak-free tan after use. You won’t worry about staining your clothes either, the annoying chemical smell and the ridiculous orange tone that some self-tanners leave on your skin. It also dries fairly quickly and doesn’t feel sticky on your skin.

Sunless self-tanners are not just here to give you a gorgeous bronze glow, they’re here to keep your skin safe because whether we like it or not, tanning underneath the sun for a long period damages the skin which later contributes to ageing and pigmentation. Keep in mind though that the Winter Skin does not contain any SPF, so don’t expect it to protect your skin in case you decide to stay out in the sun.

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Love Thyself offers Eco Tan products that are suitable for various skin types. If you’re looking for a way to deviate from the usual pale skin, try the Winter Skin on your next weekend off. You’ll be hooked on this product before you know it and we won’t be surprised!


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  1. Madison Leeper 1 year ago

    I absolutely love Eco Tan’s winter skin lotion! I have fair skin as red head and this is by far the best self tanner I’ve ever used.

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