Eco Tan Reviews That Will Help You Make A Buying Decision
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Eco Tan Reviews That Will Help You Make A Buying Decision article image by Love Thyself

Deciding to consider self-tanning can be a daunting task especially when you have never tried it before. The secret to a successful self-tan is finding the right product to help you achieve a flawless golden fake tan. What you need to consider finding the perfect tanning product, is to thoroughly check product reviews because this is a sure-fire way of knowing how effective a product is for your skin. Eco Tan is quite a popular self-tanning lotion on the market today and is so for a good reason. Countless Eco Tan reviews tell you how this product has helped many women in achieving a golden bronze tan that they never thought possible through a fake tanning lotion, which is why Eco Tan products have received significant awards and recommendations.

Tanning products can be classified into natural or organic self-tanners and synthetic self-tanners. Natural self-tanners are those that are formulated with ingredients that come from natural or plant-based sources. Synthetic self-tanners, on the other hand, contain artificial fragrances and synthetic ingredients and though they may be effective, the continued use of these self-tanners for years may harm your skin and worst, your overall wellbeing. That is why even professionals advice self-tanning advocates to use tanning products that contain only natural and healthy ingredients or to be extra vigilant in checking the ingredients used in any skincare product they’re using.

Here’s some common Eco Tan Review that shows the effectiveness of this product:

  1. The colour looks natural and beautiful. Achieving a beautiful golden bronze doesn’t have to be applied by a professional. Even a first-timer can do it successfully with Eco Tan products!
  2. It smells and feels great on the skin.
  3. No orangey colour and unflattering streaks or patches. It looks natural and dries up fast.
  4. It works on dark and super pale skin. The results look fabulous and fade naturally.
  5. This self-tanning lotion is long-lasting compared to other products. If you exfoliate well and moisturise your skin, the fake tan can last up to 2 weeks!
  6. Great, fool-proof self-tanner! It’s easy to apply and you’ll be ecstatic when you wake up with a beautiful developed tan.
  7. Unlike other self-tanning products that leave brown streaks on your sheets, this one doesn’t which is amazing!

Three things you need to consider in achieving the perfect fake tan:

  1. Find a good self-tanning lotion that is effective and safe on your skin.
  2. Exfoliate and moisturise your skin well so the colour will last longer.
  3. Expect that the weather will affect your fake tan; you can try the Eco Tan Winter Skin Gradual Tanning moisturiser during winter for a beautiful and long-lasting tan!


Love Thyself is an authorised Eco Tan Stockists so grab any of Eco Tan’s sought-after self-tanning lotions! We recommend the Eco Tan Invisible Tan, Eco Tan Winter Skin and Eco Tan Face Water as these are fool-proof products that work amazingly well for first-timers.

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  1. Eva Swallow 3 years ago

    I love their tanning lotion its easy to apply and has a velvety texture. And it faded very evenly, like a natural tan would.

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