Why Face Mists Aren't Just Another Passing Trend
Face Skin Care

Face mists may not be that common, unlike other beauty products you see everywhere.

Perhaps some people think that purchasing a face mist isn’t quite necessary or its value may not be justified since it may seem like a pricey bottle with water. But once you start using it, you’ll be surprised at the wonderful change it can  to your skin once it’s fully incorporated into your beauty routine.

In fact, I noticed and have seen the difference when I started using it. Using a face mist has become part of my routine and it is one of the things I always keep handy.


Do we really need to use face mists? How are you going to benefit when you start using it?


Here are some of the essential things you must know before you start investing in a face mist and some of the reasons why you should consider using one:


Makes the skin hydrated at any time.

Always bring a face mist wherever you go, you’ll never know when you need it most. Having a dull skin can be avoided if you spray a face mist as often as you need it. It’s so easy that it would not take a minute to finish this regimen.

Instantly makes the skin feeling refreshed.

If your work is about to end or you just completed a strenuous activity, your skin needs a quick revitalising moment. Go on, give in to a few sprays on your face for a speedy cool feeling. After all, your face is worthy of this facial treat!


You may want to try: Zk’in Hydrating Mist 120ML


Blending makeup is easy with face mists.

The secret of looking gorgeous is having the right blend of makeup on your face. Using a face mist, together with your favourite foundation can give you a pure and natural look. It’s also easier to spot excess makeup to help you achieve a flawless makeup look.

Using face mist as your primer before applying makeup.

Applying face mists on your skin before you apply a foundation will make your complexion more even and fine as you apply your desired makeup. There are several face mists to choose from, use your preferred face mist as your alternative to your regular primer, so you get to compare and see the difference.


You may want to try: Babs Bodycare Rose & Geranium Face Mist 100ML

Image of Babs Bodycare – Rose & Geranium Face Mist 100ml by Love Thyself Australia


Helps in keeping the skin moisturised.

Sealing the moisture in your skin is not a problem this time! If you want to increase the moisture on your skin, spray a face mist before you apply foundation, primer or moisturiser. Notice the difference, your skin will surely look rejuvenated after the application.

Gives you a natural look even when you are wearing makeup.

Say goodbye to your powder look moments. Obviously, the powder could easily make your skin dry. If you prefer to have a more natural and glowing look, try switching to a face mist. It quickly removes the dryness that your ordinary powder may bring.

Reduces oil and controls its production.

There is a misconception that a blotting sheet and powder are the only available options to remove excess oil on your face. Forget that idea. Some face mists have the ability to absorb any excess oil while it gives your skin the right amount of hydration. Keep in mind that you have the option to switch to face mists if you want to avoid the powder dry look.


You may want to try: Verissima Natural Skincare Refreshing Rosewater Face Mist 100ML



Works best with masks and moisturisers for maximum results.

Most skin experts advise their patients with dry skin to keep themselves moisturised in order to avoid skin problems. In terms of using masks and moisturisers, you can maximise the face mists benefits by applying it before wearing face masks or prior to applying your moisturiser. Your skin will absorb the needed moisture when you do this routine, unlike applying them without it.

Revitalises your desired makeup nice and easy.

It takes a lot of time to wash-up and redo your makeup, especially if you are running late. If you’re always in a hurry, worry no more, simply use a face mist and blend your makeup again. Spot the area you need to re-touch and you are all set.


You may want to try: Acure Rose + Red Tea Facial Toner 59ML

Image of Acure – Rose + Red Tea Facial Toner 59ml by Love Thyself Australia


Neutralises other skin care products that you apply to your skin.

There are instances that you need to dilute the products that you use. When it comes to a level of consistency, it varies from its thickness or texture. Face mists can actually correct it by mixing it with your personal cream or usual foundation into your desired mixture. This is safer since you will have the ability to modify and get your desired consistency or colour.


The most important thing you need to remind yourself is that you can use face mists at any time of the day.


A single spray can be magical because of that instant refreshing feeling. It may not last for a long time, but you can enjoy it when you feel like using it.  This is the reason why a face mist is not a miss, but a sure hit!


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