What Are Those Little Bumps On Your Skin
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Attaining flawless skin can have its challenges. It may not be blemishes or acne but it can appear like tiny bumps on your skin that are still considered skin imperfections and leave your skin looking less than smooth. They can be a nuisance considering that every woman wants a smooth and clear skin but these tiny bumps are in the way.


What are these tiny bumps on your face?


They don’t appear to be acne or blemishes but they are certainly noticeable if someone takes a closer look at your skin or you take a close look at the mirror. Typically, these are small, white bumps that appear around the eye area, as well as, nose, cheek, mouth and even your eyelids. It’s known as Milia.

Milia may not be as serious as pimples, acne or blemishes but they are like small cysts and can still be mistaken as either whiteheads or pimples. But unlike the latter, they don’t pop and can be exasperating since most people don’t know how to get rid of them.

Before we delve into how we can possibly obliterate these imperfections from your face, let’s try to understand why they showed up in the first place.


Why do Milia appear on your skin?


They are typically formed after dead skin cells are trapped within the surface of the skin because they haven’t been exfoliated.

It can also be due to the use of heavy skincare products like moisturisers, creams or cleansers because it’s possible that the dead skin is accumulated on the surface when the skin is poorly exfoliated.

Another instance is when you don’t wear sunscreen as often as you should, so when the surface is damaged by UV rays, it becomes thick and difficult to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin so the tiny bumps appear.

Lastly, a common scenario is when makeup isn’t properly removed from the skin. Make sure to use a makeup remover or cleanser to remove any excess makeup, dirt and oil and wash your face with your preferred facial wash to ensure that your face is well cleansed.


How to avoid Milia on your skin?


As we have mentioned earlier, regular exfoliation is key to avoid these tiny bumps from appearing on your skin. Exfoliation shouldn’t be done daily but twice or thrice a week would make a huge difference to your complexion.

Avoid using think skincare products and try the ones with lightweight formulas instead. These products are prone to trap dead skin cells than products that are considered lightweight.

To give your skin enough hydration without the thicker consistency of products, opt for humectants like hyaluronic acid which is great for keeping your skin young and preventing premature ageing, as well as, a serum which can easily penetrate the skin and provide sufficient nourishment.

Lastly, we can’t emphasize enough just how important it is to wear sunscreen with at least 30 SPF before you expose your skin to UV rays. This really helps protect your skin and keeps it young and healthy, so it wouldn’t be hard to exfoliate.


What happens if you’ve exhausted all these options and still they don’t go away?


Don’t be afraid to seek help and consult your local dermatologist. They are knowledgeable about skin conditions and issues such as these so set up an appointment so you’ll know what solution they will recommend.


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  1. Ella Gaffney 2 years ago

    Eco tan new glory oil is fantastic!I’ve never experienced a breakout since I’ve started using this oil. My skin feels soft, smooth and it’s very hydrating.

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