Should I Use My Body Towel As My Face Towel?
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Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of skincare by diving into a peculiar topic, perhaps not as frequented by skincare enthusiasts, “Is it necessary to use a separate towel or cloth for your body and face?” I guess only a handful people ponder on whether it is alright to use their body towel for their face, the hygiene-conscious at the least. It’s easy for this topic to slip from someone’s mind because there always seem to be something more important to think about.

But when you’re faced with a massive breakout on your skin or face just before an important date or event when you need to look your best-beautiful self, then this is probably the only time when you’ll regret not following your instincts by using a separate cloth to wipe your face dry with.

That is quite true, it is highly recommended by dermatologists to use a separate towel for your face and body. The reason behind this advice is quite simple; your body is prone to more bacteria and germs than your face typically does, which is why it’s only practical and logical to use separate towels when you pat yourself dry after a bath.

Wouldn’t it be totally gross if you wipe your face dry with a towel that you also used to dry your bum or legs? Most people who haven’t thought about it would go, “Oh yeah, now that you said it, it really is gross”. Patting your face dry with a dirty towel is

There are other factors that you really need to wrap your mind relating to the topic of hygiene before, during and after you’ve taken your bath. We have here a few things you need to consider with respect to hygiene.



Should I use the same type of towel for my face and body?


No, absolutely not. We need to establish that a face cloth should have a soft and comfortable feel on your skin, if not, luxurious compared to your regular body towel. It has to be made of quality material that doesn’t leave any lint or residue on your skin after you pat your face dry.

These types are also known as washcloths or cleansing cloths. They are specifically made for your face and typically made of good quality because it’s recommended to wash them clean every day. The more you keep washing them, the more the material becomes less and less gentle, so if you can, spend a bit more on good quality and luxurious face cloth because it is a great investment, if your facial hygiene is of utmost importance to you.

Another option is to purchase an affordable face cloth, one that is reasonably priced and that is made of durable and comfortable quality, have at least 4 to 7 of these so you have enough supply for the week and you don’t need to keep washing them every day, especially when time itself is a luxury to you.

Washcloths are also versatile because you can also use them during wet exfoliation.  If cleaning your face with water and your favourite cleanser is not enough to remove all the dirt and grime that accumulated on your skin from a whole day of busyness, then facial cloths are definitely the answer.




How often should I change my towels?


We’ve already stated the importance of using a separate towel for your body and face. But there’s still a question that you might be wondering about since we’re already tackling this subject. How often do we need to change our towels?

Well, I have mentioned earlier that washing your facial cloths daily is ideal to keep all the possible germs and bacteria at bay. However, if you can treat yourself to a whole week’s supply of washcloths, so you don’t need to keep washing one every day, then it’ll be less of a hassle and still, you can benefit from this hygienic habit.

Body towels are different, though, you don’t need to wash them daily but make sure to let them dry preferably with the help of the sun’s natural heat as this helps sterilise the towel and ensure that no bacteria or germs are still lurking about its fabric. Or, simply keep them out of a damp place; definitely don’t let them dry in the bathroom where bacteria can easily thrive.

Why a clean towel or face cloth is important?


Women typically spend a good amount of investment on facial and body skincare, but simple hygiene neglect, such as this, could affect the efficacy of your skincare products, leaving you with unsatisfactory and disappointing results as well as wasted money. Who would want that?

That is why it is so important that your skin is clean and clear after wash, so making sure that it is free of germs, bacteria or even fabric residue must be carefully considered during your daily beauty routine. Take for example, if you use a regular towel that leaves some cotton debris on your face after patting it dry, could actually lead to blocked pores which unfortunately affect the successful absorbency of your skin while applying your cleanser, serum or cream.



Facial Cloth that is a Must-Try


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  1. Eve Nickson 4 years ago

    For me, its a NO! You should use a separate towel for your face as there might be acne-causing bacteria hiding on your body towel that can ruin your face.

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