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Taking some time out of your busy schedule to take proper care of your skin is so important. Taking care of your skin not only helps to keep your skin looking younger and healthier, but it’s also necessary for your mental health.  There are many steps that you can include in your beauty routine and one that you must not forget is applying a facial mask. This is actually one of the steps that most women disregard.

Does applying a face mask as part of your beauty routine make a difference?


Yes, adding a face mask to your beauty regimen does a lot of good to your complexion and overall condition of your skin. If you follow a regular application at least once or twice per week, you can expect changes in your skin as well as health. It allows your skin to benefit from the hydrating and nourishing ingredients that are typically offered in face masks including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

It is also essential to choose products with natural and non-toxic ingredients to provide only good and safe results. Sadly, there are too many products out in the market that contain nasties and you definitely don’t want those touching your skin. Enjoying the regular benefits of a nourishing and hydrating face mask also allows you a great excuse to relax and enjoy a satisfying and rejuvenating boost for a glowing skin.


Natural Masks That Provide Healthy and Glowing Skin


From Earth – Organic Chamomile Soothing Face Mask 30g

This is a vegan friendly and cruelty-free face mask with natural and organic chamomile to soothe sensitive skin. It also provides anti-inflammatory properties to cleanse and soften your skin. Its ingredients include white Australian Kaolin Clay as well as Organic Chamomile flowers.


Babs Bodycare – Pink Clay & Cacao Face Mask 40g

A face mask that is suitable for all skin types. You can enjoy the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory rich ingredients including Cacao, Turmeric, Kakadu Plum, Aloe Vera, Pink Australian Clay and more. Its formulation gently detoxifies hydrates and nourishes your skin. Using this regularly helps reduce fine lines as well as improve your skin’s tone and texture.


Supercharged Food – Earth Mask & Scrub 40g

This is the perfect companion, especially during strenuous days. It is an exfoliating mask and scrub that helps eliminate free radicals and impurities accumulated from environmental factors. This features 100% natural, vegan friendly, gluten-free and cruelty-free ingredients to transform your dull skin to radiant and glowing.

Image of Supercharged Food – Earth Mask & Scrub 40g by Love Thyself Australia


Zen Botanics – Exfoliating Pink Clay Mask 55g

A face mask that features French Pink Clay and White Kaolin Clay to efficiently remove impurities without stripping your skin’s natural moisture. It also features Adzuki beans to help eliminate dead skin to give way to radiant skin.


Peacock & Lotus – Cleopatra Rose Petal Mask Kit/Gift Set

If you are up for a luxurious and elegant facial mask that features all natural extracts from organic rose petals, rosehip power as well as Zeolite clay. Enjoy a smooth, soft and rosy skin after applying this facial mask as part of your beauty routine.


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  1. Eve Ringrose 10 months ago

    Face masks are one of my little pleasures in life! My favorite thing about applying a good face mask is the feeling of tightened and toned skin after a single use.

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