Top Essential Oils that Boost Focus and Mental Clarity
Essential Oils

Focus is vital in order to do multiple tasks in one given period. Was there an instance that you got distracted while you were doing a presentation? Was it because you are too bored about the topic you are discussing and you just want to finish it as quick as you can? Or maybe you have other reasons why you find it hard to keep your attention to details. Essential oils provide a lot of benefits than you can imagine.

Whatever your tasks are, there is a specific essential oil that would help in making your mind clear and ensure that your performance is at your best at any time.


Black Chicken Remedies- Festive Essential Oil Blend

Ease and free your mind with the help of this essential oil that brings wellness and positive energy. Be inspired with the sweet, woody and spicy aroma that soothe your senses. You can keep a small bottle anywhere you go to help you set the mood you desire.

e aromatherapy that boosts your entire system will surely target stress and end them before you know it.It contains different blend of essential oils like Myristica Fragrans, Cedrus Atlantica, Juniperus Communis, Citrus Sinensis and Cinnamomum Zeylanicum. The combination of these oils are brilliant in healing both your body and mind. This is a certified organic product.


Mt.Retour Peppermint Oil

Want a stronger immune system? This is the right one for you. This essential oil has been tested and proven effective that even ancient health treatments used and recommended it. Nowadays, peppermint has been around and works well with people experiencing headaches and the like. It relieves muscles pain and regulates blood circulation, too. Do not forget to bring a little bottle when you need it, just inhale it as you need it to improve your alertness.

It contains high menthol ingredient that has carboxyl esters and menthone. It is Certified and Pure Organic product.

Image of Mt.retour – Peppermint Oil 10ml by Love Thyself Australia

Dr Organic Pure Oil Lavender

This essential oil has a fresh scent that relaxes your body and senses. It makes your mind calm, energised and promises overall wellness. Its major ingredient lavender brings out freshness and clean scent which also helps skin rejuvenation and contributes in pore cleansing.

Each ingredient is proven to have undergone a strict process to maintain its highest quality standard. It contains Limonene, Geraniol, and Lavendula Angustifolia Flower Oil. This product is cruelty-free, vegan and has pure organic ingredients.

Purely Black-100% Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil

This highly-concentrated essential oil needs to be properly diluted because it contains a huge amount of plant ingredient. In terms of dosage, a small amount of it can be effective and provide health benefits which an individual may require.

Depending on purpose, it may be helpful if you need to relieve muscle pain, reflect and relaxation. Make sure not to overuse it. Do not continue use if rashes appear. Never drink or eat it. Do not apply essential oil on your skin immediately without properly diluting it. Keep it away from sunlight.

Purely Black – 100% Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil 100ml image by Love Thyself Australia

Miamba Spirit Botanicals-Grace Narrow Leaf Essential Oil

If you want to spend some time alone and need time to reflect, use this essential oil together with a vaporiser to unleash its ability to calm your mind, leaving all your stress behind.

Make sure to keep this product away from sunlight. Do not use it if you are diagnosed with hypertension. Do not forget to wash your hands after you use it. Remember to keep this essential oil below 30 deg.

It contains pure narrow-leaf essential oil. This product is vegan and cruelty-free.


If you want to treat your body and mind with these essential oils, make sure not to compromise it by choosing low quality products. Make sure to look for these essential oils mentioned above to maximise your experience. Some manufacturing companies would have an incredibly low price to attract customers but if you look at those items closely, you will notice that these items contain artificial and harmful synthetic ingredients. 

 Most essential oils have gorgeous packaging, great endorsements and unbelievable promises. However, it is imperative that we look for guarantee and always read the labels to make sure you are purchasing essential oils that contain plant-based ingredients, exactly what you deserve. 






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