How Much Chlorella To Take For Detox
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The human body is composed of systems that work together in order to make it self-sufficient. It has systems that are in charge of digestion, blood circulation, hormones, and even the senses to name a few. One of the most important, but often ignored systems in the body is the excretory system, which deals with waste materials and other harmful chemicals that the body should flush out on a regular basis.

While your excretory system can do the heavy work of eliminating waste and toxins from the body, certain organs may be taxed and overwhelmed by the large amount of chemicals that you intake each day. When this happens, it may not be able to take out everything that needs to be taken out.

In this situation, the body will need additional agents that can help in detoxification. That’s where organic chlorella powder comes in.

Is Chlorella safe?

Chlorella is a member of the single-celled blue-green algae family, which also includes another ‘super food’ called spirulina. Chlorella has some similar functions to spirulina, although it has some properties of its own.

The question now is whether this alga is safe, and if people can safely take it in. Because this natural detox agent comes from nature, you do not have to worry that it would contain chemicals, substances and other particles that can be harmful to your health. For millions of years, the chlorella algae have survived very harsh conditions on earth, and so it remains up to this day.

This super food never ceases to amaze researchers and scientists from all over the globe due to its detoxifying properties and nutritional value. In fact, several countries already have their own plantations where they specifically grow chlorella in a controlled environment where it can thrive without being affected by pollution.

The near-perfect nutritional source is among the most popular food supplements in the world today due to its many chlorella benefits. It contains a wide variety of nutrients and minerals that are included in the recommended dietary allowance (RDA). Some nutrients that chlorella contains include:

  • Vitamins A, B2 and B3
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Protein
  • Zinc

It is indeed astounding to discover that a small intake of chlorella would satisfy the RDA of most minerals and nutrients. Actually, more nutrients can be found in these algae than green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

What is Chlorella good for?

Now that you know how nutritious and mineral-rich chlorella supplement can be, here are some of the health benefits that this particular supplement can provide.

  1. Detoxification of heavy metals –This is probably the most popular use of chlorella powder nowadays. It is known to flush out heavy metals from the body, which may cause chronic diseases and other health conditions. These chemicals like lead, cadmium and mercury are common waste materials of industries that dump their wastes on bodies of water. Fishes in these bodies of water become contaminated, and once a person eats them he takes in part of these chemicals.
  2. Immune system boost –It has been proven through research that chlorella can increase energy and boost the immune system. Its various nutrients can bridge the nutrition gap that most people experience nowadays due to unhealthy food.
  3. Normal levels in blood pressure and sugar – Chlorella has properties that allow it to regulate blood pressure as well as sugar. This makes it an ideal supplement for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes and hypertension. They would not only save money on maintenance drugs, but also improve their condition.
  4. Improvement of digestion and bowel movement – One of the key effects of chlorella is that it makes bowel movement easier. The chlorophyll in this super food is responsible for ensuring proper bowel movement so that flushing and excreting toxins would be according to schedule.
  5. Flushing out of waste materials and toxins – As previously mentioned, the micro particles of chlorella binds with toxins, as well as heavy metals and other materials. Its thick cell wall serves as a magnet to these particles, thus helping the body to flush them out.

Aside from these, there are other chlorella health benefits that can provide optimum health to you and your family.

Where to buy Chlorella

Due to the increasing popularity of chlorella outside Japan and Asia, more retailers, both physical and online, are including it in their list of products. People who are interested in taking chlorella should first consult a physician to ensure that they do not suffer from any allergic reactions to the algae.

Afterwards, check online for reputable sites that offer chlorella supplement products. It is worth noting that the strength and efficacy of the algae lies on how it is prepared and managed by the business. So aside from the retailer, another factor you should consider is the brand itself. Doing a simple Google or Facebook check can yield helpful results so you can know more about it.

How to use Chlorella for detox

After getting a chlorella supplement or powder product, your next step to check how to use this super food. While it is considered ‘food’ in the sense that it contains nutrients needed by the body, it should not be taken in high amounts.

For people who are moving from a low-fiber, high-calorie or junk food diet, it is highly recommended to start with 1/16 teaspoon of chlorella or about 300 milligrams. This is because your body needs to adjust on how you intake your food and nutrients. During this adjustment stage, there is what people call ‘healing crisis’ wherein some individuals experience a number of minor side effects.

Here are some of these side effects:

  • Stomach cramping
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Allergy or pimple breakout

All of these side effects are minor discomforts that are the body’s reactions to the detox and cleansing that is currently taking place.

If you are particular about amounts, make sure you take 3 grams a day. This is the recommended amount for chlorella intake in order to enjoy its many health benefits. Under these circumstances, your body would not be able to feel anything spectacular or different. In spite of this, the chlorella supplement is already working and providing the nutrients needed by the body.

For individuals who want to experience significant results, they may take about 5-7 grams of chlorella each day. In this ‘dosage’, the person will experience significant changes and benefits, most of which would show in better digestion, higher energy levels, and stronger health.

One point that should be raised is that you can never overdose chlorella, mainly because of its natural properties. It does not have any adverse side effects that can pose threats and other risks to your health. However, excessive taking of chlorella does affect the body in terms of comfort.

Chlorella and heavy metals detox

As mentioned earlier, the body slowly accumulates heavy metals through the food we eat, and little by little they become harmful and lead to chronic diseases. What is alarming is that these chemicals can reach the bloodstream and do irreversible damages there.

Fortunately, chlorella is a proven detoxifier of these heavy metals. Here’s what you will do:

  • Use cilantro together with chlorella for optimum results. Cilantro also has antitoxic properties that can help in the transfer and eventually flushing out of these heavy metals.
  • Take about 1 gram of chlorella an hour before a meal. You may take up the entire 1 gram or divide it into two smaller dosages for the day.
  • Perform the daily chlorella intake for several weeks until the gut has been detoxified. It usually takes a month for this to happen, although there are some cases where it took a longer time for the chlorella powder to weave its magic.
  • In the latter stages of the detox, you will need to take about 3-9 grams of chlorella each day. This can be taken before a single meal, or before each meal of the day.

Take note that different types of people react to chlorella and cilantro differently. You may notice some people you know only took a few months for the chlorella to take effect, while others will take longer. This depends on the amount of heavy metals found inside your body.

Take Chlorella for a healthier and toxic-free body

The human body may be composed of its own defense army that fights toxins, bacteria, and takes out waste materials. But that does not mean it can do the fight all by itself. There are cases where the liver, gut and other vital organs are left powerless due to the sheer amount of chemicals that you intake daily through the food you eat.

In this situation, it is best to seek the detoxification power of chlorella. With the help of cilantro, this super food can not only take away harmful chemicals and substances from the body, but also help improve the body’s overall condition. Look for a reputable store now and find the best chlorella supplements for your needs.


  1. Mitchell 6 years ago

    I’ve been using chlorella for months now and it gave back some youth and cured my herpes problem.

  2. Tanja 5 years ago

    Hi! This is a great article, thank you very much! I just wonder how much cilantro daily you should take to each dose of chlorella?
    Thank you again.

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