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Enema Kits

Organic and Natural Enema Kits

Our health is of primary importance above all else. Without a healthy body, it becomes virtually impossible for us to lead a happy life. Our desire to keep disease free is also an integral part of wellness. Enema is an activity that is neglected by many of us, citing its complicated processes as one of the reasons why we don’t give it the consideration it deserves.

Enema is regarded by health experts as one of the most effective means of keeping the body functioning at its peak. In addition, an enema helps in the prevention of various medical conditions, including cancer. Traditional enema is typically done in the hospital setting prior to surgical procedures and for patients who need to cleanse their colon on a regular. This procedure should also be practiced at home as it delivers a host of health benefits.

A home enema using coffee beans is highly recommended by wellness experts. Yes, you heard that right. Coffee is a very potent detoxicant, It is not the conventional ingredient to an enema, but it has been the go-to enema essentials of our ancestors. Coffee is an excellent detoxifier and has been mentioned in historical scripts including the Dead Sea Scrolls. While it is not the mainstream ingredient for enema these past few decades, the coffee enema is making its much-awaited comeback.

Why should you add coffee to your home enema kit? Its primary function is to restore healthy gut function. Coffee with its high antioxidant concentration also helps in cleansing the colon as well as assist in blood purification. Its anti-inflammatory properties also assist in proper digestive processes and effective elimination of waste products from the body.

The process of implementing a home enema with the use of coffee enema kits is simple and straightforward. You need not to worry yourself about new techniques, as coffee enema works just the same as your traditional home enema. When doing coffee home enema, we highly recommend for you to use organic caffeinated coffee. Never use decaffeinated variant as you will not reaping any benefits without the caffeine in your coffee.

We have an assortment of organic and natural coffee enema kits from our store. We also sell enema bag, coffee, and other accessories that you will need for enema procedures. If you’re a first timer, our comprehensive coffee home enema guide you every step of the way!