How Does Chlorella Work In The Body?
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The body has natural antibodies and other microorganisms that help fight bacteria, viruses and other causes of diseases. However, if the body is overwhelmed with harmful chemicals and toxins and the person fails take in the necessary amount of nutrients to strengthen his immune system, the antibodies would not be as effective. In the long run, a person may develop several health conditions as a result of the toxins and chemicals in his system.

In this situation, a person needs food and nutritional supplements that can compensate for the lack of nutrients in the body. In this day and age where processed foods have taken over the diets of most people, proper nutrition is a must to prevent diseases

There are currently two sources in nature that are considered ‘super foods’ because they are capable of providing such health benefits to the body. Even without the aid of any artificial process.

One is spirulina, while the other is chlorella powder.

Characteristics and qualities of chlorella

Both spirulina and chlorella come from different species of algae, which is one of the earliest life forms on earth. Even after millions of years of existence, algae managed to survive the different eras, changes in climate and other external conditions that have wiped out earlier life forms.

Chlorella is considered ‘micro algae’ because it is only composed of single-celled organisms. However, this characteristic makes it an ideal agent in bonding with minute chemical components in the body. Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll, which provides its rich green color.

Since chlorella is microscopic algae, its preparation is essential to make sure that it can be absorbed by the human body. Some experts believe that the tough outer cell walls of chlorella should be broken down in order for anyone to experience its health benefits.

In addition, because chlorella grows like any other plant, it should grow in clean and uncontaminated waters. This simply means not anyone can freely grow chlorella in their backyard pools, or anywhere that can be contaminated by external factors.

Based on studies, scientists consider chlorella as a complete amino acid based food, and consists of 50 percent protein, making it an ideal alternative to an entire meal. In fact, NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the U.S. have approved chlorella as a complete meal, and can be used by astronauts in the international space station.

To further illustrate its high concentration of nutrients, experts have mapped out what composes an ounce or three tablespoons of chlorella. According to their findings, the blue-green algae has 16 grams of protein, 287 percent of the needed Vitamin A (RDA), 71 percent of Vitamin B2 (RDA), 33 percent of Vitamin B3 (RDA), 202 percent of Iron (RDA), 22 percent of Magnesium(RDA), and 133 percent of Zinc (RDA).

RDA is the recommended daily or dietary allowance that should be taken by the body in order to function to its full potential. The findings only show that chlorella is a complete food that can provide the daily nutrients needed by the average person.

Improve your health and prevent diseases with chlorella detox

As mentioned earlier, there are various chlorella benefits that can help the body. The fact that it comes from nature makes it a safe food supplement that does not offer any adverse side effects.

Here are some of the benefits one can experience following a chlorella detox:

  • Chlorophyll helps in detoxifying the body from harmful chemicals and waste – The chlorophyll in chlorella offers a wide range of health benefits. It is known to assist in oxygen intake, cleansing of inner organs, purification of blood from toxins, assistance in tissue growth, and many more.
  • Takes away toxins, harmful chemicals and heavy metals from the body – Chlorella does not only have tough cell walls, the cells also bind well with heavy metals, elements and compounds that can harm the body in many ways. These harmful substances are usually taken in the body by means of unhealthy foods and dishes and unsanitised sources of water among others. From the digestive tract, these elements are transferred and deposited into blood cells where they do the damage over time. As chlorella cleans the bloodstream, it takes with it all the toxins stored in each cell.
  • Leaves out important nutrients and minerals in its cleansing process – Chlorella powder is able to amazingly distinguish between helpful and harmful substances in the body. While it binds with the harmful ones and flushes them out of the body, it retains the important minerals that are essential for bodily functions.
  • Reduces risk of serious illnesses such as cancer – Most cancers develop over time due to a high concentration of toxin in the body. These toxins are too many to be excreted by the body’s immune and endocrine systems. With the help of chlorella supplement, such illnesses may be prevented.
  • Helps cancer patients who undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments – Surprisingly, chlorella does not only boost and immune system and take away heavy metals from the blood stream. Researchers have found out that it can also help patients who are undergoing some form of radiation treatment such as chemotherapy. A study by the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College shows that the chlorophyll present in chlorella can protect a person from the harmful effects of radiation treatments. In addition, the study said that the immune system functions of cancer patients who were given chlorella supplement remained at near normal levels.

As you can see, this supplement is indeed an essential food source that can provide not only nutrients, but also protection against harmful chemicals, and diseases.

Other benefits of Chlorella

Aside from the many health benefits mentioned earlier, chlorella has other positive effects to people who take it regularly. These blue-green algae can also help people who want to lose weight. Chlorella regulates hormones, improves metabolism and circulation, and increases energy levels.

As a result, fat will be easily burned up and not stored in the body. Reduced fat levels will also in a way reduce toxins and chemicals, which may lead to certain illnesses.

In addition, chlorella can also make the skin look younger. It has high levels of vitamins A and C, as well as glutathione, which improve the appearance of the skin. Aside from making the skin whiter and less dry, these nutrients can also help in taking away what is referred to as oxidative stress. This particular stress takes its toll on the skin, and is caused by pollution, emotional distress and other factors.

A chlorella detox may also lower blood pressure and regulate sugar levels. This will help in preventing other diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

All these benefits have already been observed through the years, and so anyone who is aiming to improve his health can definitely turn to chlorella powder supplement.

Common side effects of chlorella powder

While chlorella is blue-green algae that are 100 percent natural, they may still cause some side effects. These symptoms do not happen to everyone, which means they are mere reactions of the body to the detoxifying properties of chlorella.

  • Itchy skin or rashes
  • Vomiting and nausea

Experts say that people who are undergoing a cleansing or detoxifying regime commonly experience these side effects, so there’s nothing to worry about. Chlorella is also not recommended for people who are undergoing blood-thinning medication. Pregnant women and individuals sensitive to iodine should not attempt to take chlorella either. It is always best to seek professional advice from your physician to know if you can avail the benefits of chlorella.

Where to find chlorella in Australia

Now that you have seen the powerful effects of chlorella for your body, the question now is where to get it. Fortunately, after its health benefits were discovered a few decades ago, several sites have already been developed across the world. These sites create a contamination-free environment where the chlorella algae can grow freely and naturally.

As a result, getting chlorella in Australia is now easier, and a lot cheaper. Make sure to check several physical and online stores and make sure you know your options. There are some stores that offer higher quality chlorella so make the necessary steps to ensure you choose the best one.

Before trusting any seller or business, make sure to check out its website, contact details, and whether it has a physical address or not.

Wrap up

Chlorella is indeed one of the most amazing discoveries of mankind, and it provides a lot of benefits to the human body. Its natural properties and qualities make it a great agent in detoxification and cleansing of the bloodstream, and it also helps in preventing chronic and fatal diseases.

While the algae can also pose certain minor side effects especially to people who have allergies, these are nothing compared to the many advantages and gains one can get from taking it. Two of the best ways to take in chlorella is by means of smoothies, or in the form of a capsule. Always consult with your doctor before taking any form of supplement.

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  1. Diane 3 years ago

    I am so glad and satisfied that I discovered Chlorella from my friend. After using it for months now i felt more positive effects and more energised.

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