Body Detox Made Simple After A Long Weekend

Most of us are always looking forward to either summer break, holiday season, and time off from work. Who would not want it? Every single working day must at least be compensated with a well-deserved break from all the stress in life. Holidays are usually spent in the beach, out of the country, or a simple staycation in places where you want to be. Often times, we spoil ourselves by eating unhealthy food, partying hard at nights, drinking beers and simply being nonchalant about almost anything. However, after all these occasions, we must get back in shape and put aside the idea of being carefree and start planning to stay in track for a healthier lifestyle.


There are many steps to consider when we choose to remove toxins in our body, these are just some of the most important factors we need to know for a successful Body Detox:


Hydrate. After we indulge sumptuous meals, there is no better option but to drink water. Drinking at least up to 3 liters daily is non negotiable. Simplest and least expensive way to cleanse toxins.


Sleeping Habits. A busy day must end with at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Getting the required hours of sleep will certainly help in regenerating  and repairing the damaged cells  inside our bodies. This will make us our entire system function normally.


Loosen Up. Find some time to relax at least 15 to 30 minutes in a day. It depends on how you want it to do it, you may close your eyes and free your mind from any thoughts, problems or anything that may distract you. A short massage may also be of help. This activity will help your body reduce stress and prevent it from happening.


Have a Cup of Green Tea. A lot of people have discovered the wonders that green tea has to offer. Having at least 2 cups of it each day will give you surprising results. You need not to look for those pills to help you reduce weight because this tea does it, naturally.


Maintain Healthy Diet. When you go to the grocery, refrain from getting sweet products, chips, or sodas. Replace it with veggies, fruits and other organic produce. Instead of having soda, replace it with water or green tea.

Do Stretching. You need to do a lot of stretching whenever you feel tension in your muscles. It will be a short form of exercise and will give you relief from pain after strenuous activities.


Find Time to Exercise. There are many exercises to choose from. Set your preferred time or frequency of your routine to make sure you are always on track. Some people want to exercise with their friends or families to get the motivation they need or some prefer to do it by themselves. When your body gets used to it, this activity becomes your habit, effortlessly.


Plan Ahead. Nothing beats being organised. It will be more realistic if you make a short term list of your schedule. A weekly plan is recommended since there might be changes if you make a long list. You will notice that it is simple to fulfill these tasks because you get to focus on your daily schedule.


Celebrations, vacations and holidays have been part of our culture. We find time to unwind and stay away from our busy world but let us not forget that we need to balance it by making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle more than anything else.


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