6 Essential Benefits of Taking Baths

Taking baths have been part our lifestyle since the beginning of time. Depending on our tradition, we take baths in different ways; some prefer it warm, others cold while few choose to have both. While our bodies and minds get to relax when taking baths, it is also imperative to know what health benefits we get from it.

First, we must consider the temperature of the water when we take baths. Too warm or too cold are not actually recommended for everyone. Our physiques might be under stress and we probably will not have the opportunity to regain the blood circulation that we desire.

Even medical practitioners advise that cooling down while having warm baths is ideal. For those who have heart ailments, they must refrain from saunas and those too-warm baths. For women who get UTIs frequently, they need to stay away from taking too much bath time.

There are occasions that liquid bath soaps or oils which are mixed on water could trigger their UTIs or even make it worse. On a lighter note, we get two of the most essential benefits of baths: relaxation and treatment of specific health conditions.



Now, if above health conditions are not your concern, let us check the benefits we get when taking baths:


  • Proper Body Positioning Sets Our Mood. It has been medically proven that proper body position corrects our posture and prevents body pains. It can also be associated when taking baths. When we are in the bath tub, we feel warmth, calmness, comfort and relaxation.


It dictates our bodies to simply forget about the worries specifically during the time when we close our eyes for a moment – that single moment when we just loosen up because it is what our body wants, as it turns out to be that unimaginable feeling that you feel pampered.


  • Helps Certain Skin Problems. If you have consulted a dermatologist due to skin issues, you may have been advised to take medicated baths to moisturise your skin in order to get rid of dead skin cells which is intended to prevent possible infection.


On the other hand, some researchers found a potential cure for  inflamed skin: bleach. In Stanford, skin experts found bleach to likely kill the bacteria found on the skin. At least a little presence of the substance (0.005%) would eliminate such skin disease like eczema. However, this is definitely not for people who are experiencing severe dermatitis because of its strong qualities which could make it worse. It’s best to consult a professional if you are facing severe dermatitis.


  • Reduces Muscle Tension. Setting the right temperature when taking baths will address the muscle pain you feel. In most cases, muscle tension will be relieved by doing so.

Your recovery will have a significant impact on the level of activity you had prior to taking baths. So, if you just came from a strenuous exercise, make sure that you have a cold bath because this will certainly replenish the damaged muscles after the activity.



  • Contributes to Better Sleeping Habits. At the end of the day, we always want that good night sleep. Basically, that is all we need to recover and replenish all the muscle tissues that are damaged because of the entire day’s activities. Our immune system’s response depends on how many hours of sleep we get on a daily basis. It is simply a matter of preparing your body to achieve 8 to 10 hours ideal and uninterrupted sleep.

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Get a warm bath and cool down for a bit before going to bed. This is ideal particularly if you have sleep disorders. You will easily find yourself a little drowsy that will lead you to bed in just a few minutes. It is also important to consider the temperature of water, so you end up feeling relaxed, not supercharged.


  • Reduces Chronic Pains. If you have arthritis, muscles pains or swelling, try to indulge yourself in a salt bath. This may be the answer you have been waiting for. Salt has a quality that reduces the pain you feel in your joints. Some researchers found this to be true around 2012 upon realising that saltwater can treat symptoms of pain.


  • Reduces Symptoms of Cold. If you have winter or cold season in the country you live in, warm bath is the best treatment you can get. In fact, it is so simple that you can do it at home. Taking medicines might be the last option you need to think of. There are two ways to ways to prevent cold symptoms: maintaining body temperature and a steam treatment.


With the overall body temperature, we must keep our bodies warm at all times. In 2011, there was a research which was found to be effective in treating a cold virus and that is keeping it warm naturally makes it go away. On the other hand, steam therapy is a natural way of treating cold symptoms. It basically clears out the congestion and having a steam bath   also completely eliminates all possible sources of the virus.



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  1. Lara Chalmers 2 years ago

    I have insomnia, so hot bath before bed really helps me produce better sleep at night!

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