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Did you know that almost all brands in the United States test their products on animals? Yes, this is a sad fact indeed. If you try searching in Google for companies that test their products on animals you will get a lot of results. Even though in Europe this practice has been banned, still it seems too far far-fetched that major beauty brands would consider stopping this practice.


China, a top producer and manufacturer of most products still require animal testing by law on certain products including ordinary cosmetics imported from foreign countries, foreign and locally produced special use cosmetic products, etc. It was assumed that China’s regulation on animal testing is influenced by the burden of responsibility which lies with the government and not with the product’s manufacturers.


Now should you choose Cruelty-Free products? Our answer is yes! Animal testing is not an assurance that the product that was tested would not create problems for consumers. It is also a cruel and dangerous process which is why we support products that are Cruelty-Free. Every year thousands of animal lives are wasted due to this practice. Imagine how many animal lives you can save if you purchase only brands that support No Animal Testing.


Animal cruelty is always expected in Animal Testing. The use of animals in experiments including artificially inducing major diseases like HIV, Cancer, Schizophrenia or Parkinson’s disease into the subject in order to recreate the human disease is just one of the cruel and dangerous realities involved in this process. Studies have shown that around 90% of animal tested drugs fail during human trials which only prove that this practice is unreliable and the human condition cannot be compared with that of rats, dogs, rabbits, cats and other test subjects.



How to Determine Whether You Are Using Cruelty-Free Products?


First things first, check the products you’ve been using all your life or anything that’s become a part of your skincare ritual for example and check websites like Leaping Bunny or PETA to make sure your using beauty brands that do not support animal testing.


Most products will also specify a Cruelty-Free logo on its packaging. Also, be warry of logos that are fake or misleading so you do not purchase their products by mistake. Recently, some brands contain unofficial logos that look similar to the well-known Cruelty-Free logos such as The Leaping Bunny, Choose Cruelty-Free and Beauty without Bunnies.


Bear in mind though that not all Cruelty-Free logo are the same. These are regulated by third party organizations who have their own set of standards in order to certify whether a particular brand meets theirs or not. The logo with more stringent requirements is Choose Cruelty-Free since it does not provide accreditation to companies that test on animals. It is owned by a small, independent non-profit organization that has about 250+ accredited companies.


It may be confusing to decide which organization to trust in terms of accreditation, however, the decision lies on you and your principles. We believe that animal testing is totally unnecessary and that there are many options and alternatives to this process to help protect our animals.


If you want to start making a difference, feel free to browse through our selection of Cruelty-Free products perfect for your everyday needs.


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