Cruelty Free + Vegan Friendly

Most consumers are confused when asked if there is a difference between a Vegan and Cruelty Free Products. They will often give you that look of ambiguity. For some, they either prefer cruelty free   or vegan, but for the rest, they do not mind at all. First, it is important that we get to the bottom of these two things that seem similar in nature.


Vegan Products

This is simply the type of products which do not have animal by-products or animal ingredients. To be more specific, it does not contain dairy additives, beeswax, silk, and so on. You may find complete details or list of it on which dairy products or meat which belong to these online.


When you see Vegan Products, you might perhaps think that it is already cruelty free. The final products on the market will be sold as it is but it does not give you the guarantee that there was no animal testing which happened in the entire manufacturing process.


One of the factors that we need to check is where it originated from. Let’s say a cosmetic product was manufactured in China and has a Vegan seal on it, does that mean it was not tested on animals? Not at all. China has even legitimised animal testing, making it a lot easier for us to eliminate products that do not conform with a campaign against cruelty to animals.


Cruelty Free Products

It is defined as the final products that did not go through animal testing and ingredients on it were not  tested on animals as well.


When we look at the products we purchase at home, are we certain that these items are cruelty free? Are we willing to be loyal to those brands that do not assure us that their beauty products are tested on animals? Do we care enough to check if the ingredients of the product we’re using have undergone animal testing? It helps to be a little bit skeptical if you want to know the answers to these questions. In fact, when we get used to it, we will be able to quickly spot items on shelves that are cruelty-free or not.


We can make it clear for you if you do not want to do a lot of research for products which are certified and got a seal of approval from groups that do their fields of expertise.


If you want assurance that the products you are using are free from animal testing, you may look for logos or seal of approval from PETA Bunny, Choose Cruelty-Free and Leaping Bunny. Painless, right?


For Vegan products, you may find these products if it has the seal of approval from The Vegan Beauty, The Vegan Society and Vegan Action. Effortless, right?


These groups main tasks are to simplify the process of scrutinising which products adhere to what are indicated on its labels. Getting a seal of approval and certification from them is an affirmation that companies are living up to their quality of products that eventually defines their impact and reputation in the market.


For Vegan Friendly products, you can go over our list of natural and organic products here.


For Cruelty-Free products, feel free to search for products that would suit your personal care needs here.


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