Are You Aware of These Animal Testing Facts?
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Animals existed in this world for ages having different purposes. They could work effectively as aides in the farm, mode of trasport, as guard dogs, and most of all, become stress relievers as house pets. These are just to name a few important reasons why they are part of our world, not to sacrifice their lives.


Millions of animals around the world have been killed due to animal testing every year. A huge portion of this is associated with a massive production of cosmetic products in the market. If you look at the fine prints of the products you are purchasing, only a few would indicate a statements on its label that says Not Tested On Animals. By simply identifying the companies which do not practice animal testing, we will reduce and eventually get rid of those products which such inhumane practices.



Common Animals Used in Tests:


Cats. They are used in the field of neurology. However, the results are disturbing that most cats were inflicted with distress after performing each test.


Monkeys. There are multiple tests performed like AIDS, reproduction, and etc. They are usually given infectious diseases and bear traumatic procedures during the research process.


Dogs. They take part specifically in heart disease studies and Osteology.


Mice and Rabbits. They are commonly used for cosmetic research, most of them die during the process.


The US has started this practice since the early 1900s. They have established an act that protects any research and development team to conduct research on the effectivity of the newly discovered drug in the market.

Unfortunately, since the mandate has started, it has become a practice that these animals get to be tested first whenever there are new cosmetics, chemical products or pest control sprays are about to be introduced in the market. There have been confirmed deaths each time that animal testing is done.

On the brighter side, more companies have started their campaign against the cruelty on animals recently. Many independent groups formed effective campaign strategies to end this primitive approach.




Some of the new discoveries have encouraged most brands to elevate their standards are the following:


New Technological Methods. There have been computer images and models used to clone human organs and tests are just as effective as it could be. No need to risk any animals.


Tests on Toxicity are Useless. Humans and animals do not share the same genes and will not yield the same effect when tested.


Worldwide Campaign Against Animal Testing. All countries have collectively agreed that cosmetic products do not need animal testing to sell and see results.


Lastly, there are about thousands of ingredients deemed to be safe which companies can experiment from without the use of animal testing.


How to Spot Products That Are Free from Animal Testing:


Not Tested on Animals print on the product label. Look for it, it is usually indicated near the ingredients part of the label.


Product Ingredients, Not Tested on Animals sign. This means that company did not use any raw materials which may have been tested on animals.


Mandated By Law. Check where the products are manufactured. In China, the government established a provision allowing cosmetic companies to do such research.


The question is, will you fight for the animal rights? You might have one voice but that does not mean it will not be heard. Switch products, those which have free from animal testing prints. Speak up and submit any complaints and proposals to the government if you have any protests or sign petitions.


This is a campaign for a humane society. After all, we do not want these animals to be seen only on pictures. They also deserve to exist, just like us.


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