Did you know that coffee beans not only satisfy our craving for great tasting coffee? Thanks to BotanicES Natural Caffeine Skincare, we finally know that our skin also benefits from its amazing natural properties.

Indeed this humble ingredient is rich in hydrating properties that penetrates the outer surface of our skin and provide intense hydrating results in improving your skin texture, allowing for firmer and youthful skin.

According to BotanicES’ independent studies and tests, their natural caffeine skincare increases our skin’s hydration by up to 59%. No wonder many customers have sworn by BotanicES’ natural caffeine skincare as they have noticed amazing results particularly in dry skin areas such as the elbows, knees and heels.

Coffee beans are naturally rich in anti-ageing properties including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. As we continue to age, we’ll notice signs of ageing including deeper lines especially the area around our eyes and neck.

BontanicES offers a naturally proven caffeine skincare range that you definitely don’t want to miss! Check out our interview with the brand owner’s Hendrik and Christelle Tait to know more about their amazing proven skincare range!






Tell us a little about yourself? 

We are a husband and wife team (Hendrik & Christelle Tait) from Brisbane that wanted to bring an Australian Made and Owned natural skincare product to the market that is designed, created and made for the Australian way of life. All our products are based on the goodness of Australian coffee. It is important to us that our products are well researched, are clinically tested, without any harsh chemicals and works on the skin. We care about the environment therefore our products are packaged in recycled boxes and foam and all can be fully recycled. We developed our products as well as the natural coffee extract (patented) that is our signature ingredient and own all the IP.


How long have you been in business?

We visited a local coffee farm in 2011 and noticed that the coffee grower discards a raisin type bean that has no flavour or taste. We bought some of these beans and after much research we developed our natural coffee extract upon which our product range is based.

However, with regards to the skincare products containing our natural coffee extract – we launched in mid 2015 after our products underwent clinical trials at the Institute of Personal Care Science in Adelaide that proved hydration of the skin up to 59% and improvement in the skin condition up to 50%.





When did you passion into this area begin?

We have always been passionate about giving your skin a fair go with green organic products made for the Australian way of life and caring about the environment for our future generations.


What was your initial inspiration to launch your business?

The reaction from friends and family that absolutely loved the effect of our skincare on their skin and the improvement in their skin condition without the nasties as well as the results of our clinical trials and the fact that there is no other Australian Made & Owned skincare range that is based on the benefits of natural caffeine.


What ingredients are used in your products and why do they give such effective results?

Our signature ingredient in all our products is our natural coffee extract. Natural caffeine when applied topically helps for redness, flakiness and dry flaky skin. It also has plumping properties for those fine lines and wrinkles resulting in a smoother younger looking skin. It is well known for its anti- cellulite properties. The natural caffeine in our formulations acts as a vasodilator bringing blood flow to the skin, opening up the skin barrier and assisting in deeper and more effective penetration of the other natural ingredients in our skincare.

We believe the fewer ingredients the more natural your formulation.

botanicES Body Crème contains  4 signature ingredients namely Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Vit E and Coffee Extract.

botanicES Face Crème contains Olive and Coconut Oils, Shea butter, Vitamin E, coffee extract, certified Organic Kakadu Plum extract ( highest Vit C in nature), certified Licorice Root Extract (packed with anti-oxidants and a natural skin brightener.)

botanicES Eye Crème contains Olive and Coconut Oils, Vitamin E and is packed with the highest caffeine, certified Licorice Root and Kakadu Plum extract , providing that powerful punch needed around the eyes.

botanicES Cleanser Crème is a specially designed to provide a gentle cleanse infused with coffee, Coconut and Jojoba Oils, Vit E and a natural soap or foaming agent for those customers that are allergic to foaming agents.


What is your background? Education, Work Experience etc.

Hendrik is a qualified Chemical Engineer and Christelle has a law degree with post grad marketing qualifications. Together we are not only aware of harsh chemicals people are putting on their skin but also about the current marketing trends as well as legal requirements for cosmetics and skincare in Australia.





What sets natural skincare apart from the standard?

The fact that our natural products have been designed, created for the Australian way of life whether it is the dry, hot Outback weather or the natural bush or the beach – our products can provide the hydration and improvement in skin condition that the customer desires through our natural coffee extract and other certified organic ingredients.


Do you have a personal favourite product from your range?

My personal favourite is our nourishing Face Crème. It provides the necessary hydration deep into the skin barrier without leaving a greasy feel on the skin. It is a beautiful product with some certified organic extracts, no nasties and just glides onto the skin making the skin look smoother with less fine lines while improving the skin condition. It is really good value for a customer as a little goes a long way.


What is the most common mistake women make when it comes to taking care of their skin?

Many women are more and more becoming aware of the harsh chemicals they put on their skin and are increasingly following the natural way. However, there is not always the information available to make an informed decision about the best natural products for their skin.

In modern society it is difficult for women to juggle career, family and taking some time out for properly cleanse and moisturize their skin the natural way.


 What are your favourite eco conscious ingredients to work with?

BotanicES Natural Coffee Extract – an organic, plant based, palm oil free ingredient manufactured at a facility in Lismore NSW for us and the signature ingredient in our skincare.

Certified organic Kakadu Plum extract – most stable and highest Vit C in nature (50 times higher than oranges), a natural collagen builder and providing an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant boost the natural way.


Can you share a beauty tip you think every woman should know?

Make sure you cleanse your skin twice a day with a gentle natural cleanser that does not strip the oils in your skin and apply a natural well tested (proven) moisturizer and eye cream after cleansing.


Does your skincare cater to a specific skin type? E.g. sensitive, mature, oily, etc

Yes, our products have been tested to be suitable for sensitive skin.

The natural caffeine our signature ingredient in all our products is also well known for its plumping effect reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (therefore suitable for a mature skin).





Where are you located?

We are Brisbane based


Who works in the business with you?

We have a Business Strategist, PR/content writer and social media consultant on board as well as an IT person. We also make use cosmetic manufacturers, bookkeepers and accountants on contract basis.


Does your business donate any money to charities?

Yes, to various charities like the Koala foundation or WWF. We are also supporting the Australian Coastal Core organization and our products are showcased on their site.


Is your packaging biodegradable?

Yes – our boxes and foam inserts are made from recycled materials, and all our packaging can be fully recycled. We pack our products in specially sourced biodegradable bubble wrap.


Or is there any way that purchasing your product will help the earth or our society in any extra way?

We are always mindful about waste, re-using of cardboard boxes and strive to be a paperless business as much as possible. We also love animals as much as we love our skin and therefore our products are not tested on animals.


Can you tell us about a memorable moment you had while in business?

When we were approved for our Australian Made and Owned logo – not an easy thing to accomplish.


We also love the feedback from our customers and how our products  have changed their skin. At a recent discussion with a naturopath he commented on how pleased he was with the fact that our products have undergone clinical trials and that it hydrated the skin up to 59% and improved skin elasticity and condition up to 50%. Apparently not many brands can claim that. A comment like that makes us feel that we have done the right thing by our brand and our customer.


Or an unusually funny moment?

We were in the middle of 4×4 trips in the Kimberley region in Western Australia with very limited internet reception when our marketing manager called us and asked that we set up an Instagram account for the business. We had no idea how to do this but after watching a quick Youtube video I set up the account while my husband was packing away the camping gear. It has proved to be one of our good marketing channels so far!


We adore your packaging and branding! Tell us what inspires your creative direction?

We love the clean, white and green colours of our packaging and the fact that it is packaged in airless serum pumps that can dispense exactly the right amount the customer wants. Our trademark botanicES also contains a coffee bean instead of the “o” which is kind of cool telling customers what we are all about.





Do you have any exciting new projects for the near future that you can share with us?

We are in the process of designing beautiful boxes for each product with QR codes containing graphics and information for an easy read about what our products do. We also constantly revisit our current packaging, attempting to accommodate our customers’ needs.


Any plans ahead or new products you would like to share with us?

We are always working on new products but believe that we should listen to what our customers want and would be excited about. We currently have a survey out and it looks like a plant based face exfoliator and plant based hydrating facial serum might be on the cards.


Click here to start trying BotanicES skincare range!


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